Wednesday, January 14, 2015

January 14th 2015 Transmission

Kesha felt something brush her mind. Her psychic defenses pushed it away but it didn’t feel like an attack. It felt more like a compulsion if even that. There was something subtle about it but it also left her feeling very aroused.

Well, she was already aroused because she was attending an orgy but this feeling went deeper. She had a sudden urge to lay down on the ground and start sucking on whatever was in front of her.

Kesha looked around the orgy. Was someone trying to psychically seduce her? If so, they messed with the wrong female. She was a Fycian and even among her kind, Kesha was a powerful psychic. No other Fycian had accessed the Astral Main through thought alone or made contact with the strange thoughts that satrs had. If someone was trying to compel Kesha against her will, she was going to rewrite their minds until they were babbling fools.

The orgy looked normal to her. Bodies fornicated with other bodies. Mouths, hands, claws, pseudopods and sexual organs were intertwined. They copulated in frenzy as different species pleasured themselves in their own unique ways.

No, Kesha noticed it wasn’t quite normal. There was an urgency that all of the participants shared. Some of them should be lazy in their fucking from exhaustion but no, all of them were fucking with the same frenzied pace.

There was something else odd. Kesha extended her consciousness. She looked down on the grand room of the orgy from the ceiling. The bodies weren’t joined in the random sprawl that she first thought. The bodies were linked together in a complex pattern. They were joined in a circle as ornate or complex as any mathematical fractal.

Kasha was intrigued. This kind of compulsion took power. It took a subtle skill that Kesha wasn’t sure she could duplicate. It was rare for her to encounter someone or something that matched or surpassed her skills.

Her vussy clenched. She was aroused by the presence of a stronger power. Or perhaps it was the influence of the stronger power and she was not able to hold it back as she thought.

Kesha had to know more. She opened her mind. She reached out into planes of mental existence that she rarely traveled. She turned all of her vast power, skill and knowledge and truly looked around her.

She saw it, or rather, she saw them. Two beings, as large as the orgy itself, fucked each other.

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