Tuesday, February 10, 2015

February 10th 2015 Transmission

%e% shifted mass towards the pelvis of the bodysuit. Made of sentient gas like all I*, there wasn’t a lot of mass to shift but %e% had centuries of practice. His bodysuit pumped the solid humanoid with a perfect facsimile of fucking.

The solid female writhed beneath %e%. Her white breasts quivered with the force of the fucking. Her red lips formed a perfect ‘O’ as she moaned. She appeared to be enjoying it.

%e% didn’t need visual clues. He could feel the happiness radiating from the female. Three of the fours senses of I* were gas related but the fourth was psychic. %e% felt the humanoid experience and orgasm and pure pleasure flowed through him.

There was something other than pleasure though. The female was laughing. Her giddiness flowed alongside the sensual pleasure. As he continued to fuck her, the laughter eclipsed the bliss.

%e% was confused. He fucked solids in his bodysuit because he liked feeling solids experience orgasms. He was used to feeling the joys of the flesh, but this was new. This made him feel things he barely understood.




The gas body of %e% swirled faster inside the bodysuit. What was it doing? It was animating suit of cloth to fuck solids! It had done this for years but why? Other I* felt pleasure by being around happy people but %e% liked a more personal approach. He was a hands-on gas.

The thought made %e% swirl faster inside the suit. He lost control of the bodysuit and his fucking turned into spastic shaking. He didn’t understand what was happening to him but he was weirdly unworried.

The female didn’t seem worried. In fact, more happiness radiated from her. She took his phallus and pulled it to her mouth. She slipped his phallus between her lips. As his went down her throat, the female bulged her cheeks as if she was being inflated.

%e% swirled so fast inside his bodysuit that it burst.

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