Monday, February 9, 2015

February 9th 2015 Transmission

Bratty Happytits wrapped her pale white legs around the yellow bodysuit that was fucking her. Her fingers dug into the bodysuit’s back and made squeaky noises. Her eyes bulged to three times their size as the yellow bodysuit’s strut went in and out of her tight vussy.

Yellow gases moved inside the bodysuit. Bratty looked for sensory organs but all there were was gas. The gases swirled around inside the suit, applying pressure here and there to maintain its shape.

Bratty giggled. She had never met a I* before. She didn’t even know how to say its name although that didn’t stop her from comically trying and spraying spit everywhere. She knew it didn’t need the suit to maintain its gaseous form but it used to suit to interact with solids, like fucking them.

She wondered if it smelled like a fart.

The hand of the bodysuit grabbed one of her pale tits. Her nipples were yellow happy faces but she wondered if the I* knew what a face was. As the hand closed around her tit, her breast honked.

The yellow gases inside the bodysuit swirled. Was it laughter? Was it confusion? It was really fucking hard to know without a face.

It presented a quandary to Bratty. As a Clownian, her race had decided long ago that laughter and joy was important enough to alter their boring human genetics. Their culture was all about spreading amusement to all beings no matter how dull they were. Not knowing if the I* was amused or not was driving Bratty crazy.

“Well, crazier,” Bratty admitted.

The yellow bodysuit fucked her faster. The sound of the plastic body dildo ramming in and out of her sounded like a balloon was being violently strangled. It made her laugh and she laughed louder as the bodysuit fucked her faster.

What did an I* even get out of fucking her? The bodysuit had no sensor equipment; it was just a humanoid shaped balloon. The I* had no organs to stimulate; it was just a mass of gas. There was no rational explanation for why a gas would want to fuck.

Enlightenment struck Bratty. Her eyes widened and her lips pursed as she exaggerated having her brilliant thought. It was so obvious!

The I* wasn’t fucking her with a balloon body because it felt good. It fucked her because it was utterly ridiculous! A gas fucking a solid was a big joke!

Bratty howled at the absurdity of it all.

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