Sunday, February 8, 2015

February 8th 2015 Transmission

Vacy shook as the scarred man fucked her. The violence of his thrusts made her red tits shake. Powerful muscles rippled along his body with every movement. One immense hand clutched one of her tits while the other hand was locked around her hip.

“He must be an athlete,” Vacy thought but she didn’t recognize him. He was too big for Slime Derby and he had too many scars for something like Diamond Star. If he was a sexual gladiator like an Ass Fucker, Vacy was sure that she would have recognized him. She had replica sexual organs of almost every professional Ass Fucker currently competing.

The masked man continued to fuck her. He had no style; just a relentless in and out. The only reason she was fucking him was because she had a thing for muscles and scars but now she was starting to have second thoughts. Hell, if he did something with her tit other than just hold on to it that might at least give her variety. He seemed content to just fuck her vussy.

Shit, if he wasn’t such a magnificent collection of muscles, she might suspect that he was a virgin.

The scarred man yelled. He froze and Vacy felt an explosion of seed within her vussy. An immense amount of seed filled her and spilled out of her red lips.

Another surge swept through Vacy. Euphoria overcame her vussy. A feeling of power and rage washed over her heart. Her hands clenched and her jaws had an urge to bite down on something soft and bloody. She writhed in an orgasm of lust and dark desires.

The moment passed almost instantly. Vacy’s body unclenched and a loud sigh escaped her lips. An afterglow bloomed through her week body.

She looked at the scarred man. The blue mask made it impossible to read his expression. Something terrible and awesome came from him and entered her body.

He grunted. “Again,” he said.

He flipped her over like she was a toy. Vacy rose on shaky knees as he pulled her hips back. His strut re-entered her, as hard and powerful as before. He began to fuck her with the same pounding force. His hands went to her long gold hair this time and he pulled back savagely.

Vacy groaned.

She was afraid of what was fucking her.

She was also wet.

She feared what dreadful effect his next orgasm would have on her.

She also couldn’t wait for it.

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