Saturday, February 7, 2015

February 7th 2015 Transmission

A purple portal opened in one of the gathering rooms of the orgy. Few paid attention to the portal including the Security Drones. Beings and machines continued their relentless fucking.

Someone came through the portal. It was human with muscles bulging from infernal powers. Scars covered his bodies; hinting that wounds that should have slain him. He was nearly naked except for tattered shorts and a grim skintight mask of blue. The mask was devoid of decorations or symbols. 

Behold! It was the Marauder of Worlds! It was the Perpetual Destroyer! It was the Doom that Demolished the Great New Ones! It was the Slayer of the Great Dragon of Beneath! It was the Killer of The Last Angel! It was the Scourge of Seven Dimensions! He had a name for every deed and every deed was awful and terrible!

Long ago, back when he was just a mere human male who made the wrong pact with the worse demon, his name was Jeremy.

Jeremy looked around him. He saw bodies fucking. He saw shapes and forms he didn’t understand. The smell of sex penetrated even his blood soaked mask.

“What is your bidding, my Master?” he asked aloud. “Am I to slay these people in their revelry?”

Terrible Ulz, Thrice Damned Princess of Demons whispered to her Champion, “Nay.”

Jeremy frowned and took a step forward. The energy of murdered souls coursed through his muscles and left a spot of darkness behind him like a pitch black footprint.

“Am I here to capture slaves for your eternal amusement in your demon dimension?” he asked.

“Nay,” Terrible Ulz whispered to her Champion.

Jeremy opened and clenched his fist. It was strange to be sent to a new place and not have killed anyone yet. No one had broken any of his bones or split his flesh. What kind of place was this?

“You have served me well, Champion,” Terrible Ulz whispered. “You have brought ruin, despair and anguish to all of my enemies as well as many who didn’t know me.”

“I am pleased to serve,” Jeremy said.

“But ahead of you lies more challenging deeds,” Terrible Ulz whispered. “You will slay Gods. You will desecrate the most pious of opponents. You will be a nightmare to entire planes of reality.”

“Yes,” Jeremy growled. He was eager to be his dark mistress’s hand.

“But first, you will have a small reward,” Terrible Ulz said. “I shall grant you sixty hours in this place where any desire can be had. I grant you sixty hours without an enemy to fight. I grant you sixty hours to feel once more the desires of a mortal body.”

Jeremy fell to his knees as the unholy energy that coursed through his body suddenly left him. The constant howling of those he had slain were suddenly silenced. The taste of fire and blood left his mouth.

He reached up to touch his mask. It remained. His infernal patron still left her mark on him.

Something strange happened between his legs. His . . . what was it called? He struggled to remember. It was called a cock. Yes, his cock was hard and he had an urge to stick it in something wet and tight.

He stood up. New feelings and thoughts swept through him. He remembered the touch of breasts. He appreciated the sight of a bare ass. Looking around at the human and inhuman bodies around him, new desires formed by the second.

Jeremy smiled beneath his mask. He intended to appreciate every minute of the sixty hours he had been given.


  1. Sixty hours is a SMALL reward? Goodness!

    xx Dee

  2. Terrible Ulz saves the big rewards for those who really earn it.