Friday, February 6, 2015

February 6th 2015 Transmission

Zohn licked the Wuat woman’s vussy. The thick pubic hair contains tastes from all of her sexual encounters today. He snorted with desire and licked deeper.

The Wuat woman’s breasts bounced against his stomach. He wished that he could reach down and grope them but both hands were busy holding her by the thighs. The woman was as light as a feather in his hands and her vussy was good enough to eat all night.

Something brushed his strut. He opened his eyes and looked down. He expected to see a helpful being kneeling before him but there was no one there. As something small and strong gripped the tip of his strut he realized who it was. The Wuat woman had taken matters into her hands!

He throbbed in her grip. Zohn knew he had chosen well. She was a third of his size but there was something about her that caught his eye. She had a fearless stance in the orgy as if she was daring it to entertain her. Her hard muscles buried within her squat stature inspired him from across the room. He knew that he would be sculpting her form later in his studio but first, he just had to fuck her.

The Wuat woman’s hands gripped the head of his strut. He heard and then felt her spit upon his member. Her grip was amazingly tight; almost as tight as her vussy had been.

She stroked him. He realized it must have been awkward for her from her angle but he didn’t move to change positions. Wuats were famous for their strength, their ingenuity and most importantly, their stubbornness. She probably enjoyed the challenge.

What he could do was keep licking her. He burrowed into her vussy with his tongue and his snout. His lips pressed hard against her vussy as he tried to suck her juices dry. He moaned and let his lips vibrate against her’s.

It was easy to moan. The Wuat woman pumped his strut like she was working a mining pump. Her grip was tight but her constant spitting kept him lubricated. She pulled his strut to point at her downward looking face.

He thought about the geyser of seed he would release. He trembled and kept licking.

One of the hands moved away. Zohn was curious but didn’t stop licking. He felt something soft and smooth wrap around the head of his strut. He deduced that the Wuat must be wrapping her own hair around him.

Zohn groaned. He paused in his licking and the hands pumped faster. He knew he should keep licking but the Wuat woman had outdone him. His face was smeared in her vussy juices but all he could think of was coming.

So he did.

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