Thursday, February 5, 2015

February 5th 2015 Transmission

Aviel CompositeCraft sighed as the Ovine’s strut left her vussy. The absence of the massive sexual organ left her vussy feeling empty but at the same time, Aviel was thankful for the break. The Ovine’s furious fucking was making even her tough body a little sore.

Powerful hands gripped her thick thighs and picked Aviel off the ground. A menacing growl came out of her lips. As a female Wuat, she was used to other species trying to pick her up because she was only a meter tall. They didn’t understand that meter was packed with muscles inside a stout frame to survive heavy gravity worlds. Almost no one was capable of picking her up but they still tried. They didn’t try a second time because she usually punched them in the nuts. She was a proud woman with many construction achievements to her name; she was not a damn toy to be picked up when someone wished it.

The Ovine had succeeded in picking her up. Worse, he picked her up by the legs so she was upside down. It was a damn shame that she was going to rip all three of his horns off and jam them up his ass because he really as a good fucker.

He pulled her thighs apart and he buried his snout in her hairy vussy. The thick tongue licked her vussy from tip to bottom. His hot breath snorted into her sex and sent shivers down to her hard nipples.

Aviel paused in mid strike on his abdomen. The thick tongue licked her vussy with hungry need. Powerful fingers gripped her thighs and held her as good as any structural support that Aviel could make.
She relaxed her arm. It was still insulting to pick her up without asking but just this once, Aviel was willing to forgive what was obviously a cultural misunderstanding. No one who ate vussy this good could have meant offence.

There was still the matter of being held upside down. Her thick black hair hung down and her plump tits were hitting her chin. The Ovine was so massively tall that Aviel’s head was level with his amazing abdominal muscles. She figured that other species would do something affectionate like kiss his muscles but she didn’t see the point. Kissing was for frail species like humans.

The Ovine moaned into her vussy. His thick tongue pushed its way into her tight sex and licked deeper. He pulled her up higher so he could devour more of her.

“Fuck,” Aviel whispered. After the pounding her vussy had taken, a licking was just what she needed. Maybe she should just relax and enjoy herself?

Aviel snorted. Not even great oral sex was an excuse for being lazy!

She looked down at the Ovine’s strut. It was slick her from vussy and throbbing as the Ovine ate her. She wanted to suck on it even though even the head would be a mouthful. She did the next best thing and reached for it with her short arms.

Her hands just reached the head.

Aviel smiled. Now she had something to work with.

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