Wednesday, February 4, 2015

February 4th 2015 Transmission

Baylex sucked harder on the alien woman’s nipple. Her plates had a purple tint that he found irresistible but fortunately her breasts weren’t plated. He bit her nipple gently and felt her body shudder.

He noticed the purple plated woman’s face was buried in a furry alien’s ass. The sounds of kissing and sucking surrounded Baylex. For some reason, the orgy group he was in had shifted to only using their mouths. He didn’t understand it but he didn’t want to break some sort of rule or custom by resuming sex. He would wait until the others resumed.

It wasn’t easy. His strut was hard and soaked in the vussy juices of a large woman he had been fucking moments ago. There was a mouth near his thigh that seemed content to suck the juices off his thigh but wasn’t sucking his strut. Another mouth was at the base of his spine and the soft lips were kissing erogenous zones that he didn’t even know he had. A third mouth was sucking on the fingers of his right hand but since his arm was still under the large woman, he wasn’t sure who or what was sucking his fingers.

Baylex groaned onto the nipple he was sucking. He wanted all of those mouths on his strut. He wanted the sucking mouth on his thighs to suck him dry. He craved the mouth on his spine to work that tongue magic on his balls. He needed that small mouth sucking his fingers to wrap around the head of his strut and drain him.

It was maddening. He came to the orgy to fuck. He was fucking but now they were in some sort of weird fornication ceasefire. The delaying of gratification was completely unlike him.

Yet he stayed where he was. He kept sucking on the breast of the purple plated woman as his teeth bit down gently. His hips moved and his thighs opened but he didn’t pull anyone to his crotch. Baylex achieved new heights of sexual frustration but for some inexplicable reason that he couldn’t understand, he was enjoying the fuck out of it.

It occurred to him that the orgy pile might never resume fucking. He might get stuck like this for hours. His jaw would get sore and his tongue would get tired. His strut would throb and throb and throb in a state of neglect.

Baylex groaned and moved to the other breast of the purple plated woman. He sucked on the side of her breast, deliberately avoiding her nipple. The alien groaned and pressed her breast to his mouth.

A collective groan rolled through the pile. Mouths and hips shifted. The furry woman rolled over and pulled the purple plated woman’s head to her vussy. An armored hand pushed Baylex away from her breast and down to her bare vussy. As he opened his mouth to eat her, her felt his sucked fingers suddenly being pulled to a wet vussy. Without warning, the mouth by his thigh moved up and swallowed his strut.

A trembling release swept through the pile. Thighs closed around Baylex’s head as his fingers were clenched by an unknown vussy. His hips bucked and released a stream of seed into a willing eager mouth.

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