Tuesday, February 3, 2015

February 3rd 2015 Transmission

Ton licked the Razirian’s hip. Her two tongues flicked gently over the light fur of the female. Her right tongue tasted the salt of her sweat while her left tongue tasted the sweetness of whatever she washed her fur with. Both were equally delicious.

Someone kissed her shoulder. Ton froze so the new mouth could lick the ridges of Ton’s plates. The sensation sent a tickling shiver down her spine.

Ton savored the moment. Moments ago the pile of bodies that she was in had been fucking but now everyone appeared to be kissing and caressing. It was not unusual in orgies. Sometimes an unspoken consensus is formed and the pile acts accordingly. It won’t last, they never do but Ton intended to enjoy the oral respite while it lasted.

The Razirian female squirmed under Ton’s dual tongues. The pelvis rose and fell in a familiar pattern. Ton could smell the need of the furry female and she was tempted to dip her head down to the waiting vussy. She had never eaten a Razirian before and she was eager to try.

But not now. Ton would save that treat for later. For now her tongue licked their way down to the furry female’s hip and then around to her buttock. The Razirian moaned and quickly turned onto her side. The light down of fur continued over her buttocks and Ton kissed her way to the crack of the female’s ass.

More mouths kissed Ton’s body. A mouth latched onto her breast. A mouth with too many teeth nipped at her thigh. An impossibly long tongue slithered across Ton’s back.

Ton resisted the urge to pull one of those mouths to her vussy. She focused on the muscular ass in front of her. The Razirian’s tail flicked back and forth with excitement. Ton pulled the firm buttocks apart to see the tight little asshole. Both tongues reached out and licked.

The buttocks quivered. Ton tasted soap and something richer. Both tongues flicked around the edge of the Razirian’s asshole as she teased the woman.

The Razirian moaned but it sounded like her mouth was busy as well. Her buttocks clenched and her pelvis humped in frustration.

Ton giggled and kept laughing. She wouldn’t be the first to demand a mouth on her sex but perhaps she could break the Razirian’s self control. Both tongues licked the asshole with passion.

The Razirian’s tail wrapped around Ton’s neck. Ton kept licking and wondered how much longer any of them could hold out.

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