Monday, February 2, 2015

February 2nd 2015 Transmission

Namie watched the Usalite bend the human woman inside it. She worried that the woman was in pain but her scream told a different story. The woman climaxed and Namie felt her own vussy clench with sympathy bliss.

The green man kept kissing Namie’s neck. He placed small gentle kisses in contrast to the razor sharpness of his teeth. His kind mouth worked its way up to her ear lobes.

Namie shuddered. The claws in her feet flexed out. The human woman kissing her feet didn’t seem to mind. She planted a quick kiss on Namie’s ebony claw.

She was glad that she didn’t startle the human. Namie was in the middle of a mass of bodies and through some strange coincidence, every one decided to use their mouths at the same time and not just on sexual organs. Vussies were neglected so thighs could be kissed. Struts throbbed urgently while warm mouths contented themselves with sucking on fingers.

It reminded Namie of the grooming piles that her race would do. Razirians had a light down of fur on their bodies but you would be amazed at how dirty they got. Grooming was the only way to keep clean and it was always more fun to groom someone else rather than yourself.

Namie leaned over to the nearest flesh to add her mouth. She kissed the quivering feathers of a Crin male. Her long rough tongue licked the shoulders of the Crin. The Crin chirped in appreciation and even though its mouth was between the triple breasts of a blue Mupian, Namie could tell it was pleased.

A new mouth kissed Namie’s stomach. She glanced down to see some alien with a rigid head crest. The species was unknown but the two tongues dancing over her belly fur were very talented.

Namie groaned. Her thighs parted and her vussy smelled of arousal. Her tail swished under her. She was ready for one of the mouths on her to move to her sex but she hoped they wouldn’t just yet. It was inevitable that the fucking would continue but for right now, she wanted to savor this feeling of a dozen mouths sharing affection.

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