Sunday, February 1, 2015

February 1st 2015 Transmission

Evkul slid over the human woman’s body. It extended himself around her waist and over her breasts. Part of itself coiled around the woman’s throat it was careful to not squeeze. Some of its body creeped up her chin and brushed her lips.

She trembled and reminded it that she had to breathe. It pretended to have forgotten. The truth was it was a little bit of a sadist, especially with sentient beings who couldn’t change their bodies.

Evkul was an Usalite and its race were oozing, shifting, slightly slimy intelligent blobs. Normally Usalites fuck by rubbing their bodies onto other Usalites until a spore reaction is triggered but Evkul was a deviant. It couldn’t enjoy bodies that twisted, slithered and pulsed. The only way it triggered its spore reaction was by rubbing and grinding against unshifting flesh. 

Plus, it really got off on how afraid and repulsed most species were of Usalites. Apparently the smell of an Usalite was repellant and most solid species were terrified of being consumed or smothered by the slimy blobs. That didn’t stop them from fucking Usalites though as there were always thrill seekers like the human female he was currently mounting now.

Evkul felt the human body with thousands of muscle fibers and millions of sensory organs. It squeezed and pulled on the female’s plump breasts. It extended dozens of pseudopods into the human’s vussy and poked around the wet hot walls. It pulled on each one of her toes and slithered back and forth between her fingers. One thick pseudopod pushed open her ass and tested the limits of her tight hole.

“Fuck!” the human cried out. Her body trembled some more. The vussy clenched around Evkul’s pseudopods. He felt her hips move and grind in that curious human manner of arousal. The human’s ass tightened around Evkul’s probing pseudopod.

Amazing. Humans were sluts. It was what Evkul loved about them.

It pulled on the woman’s arms. She fell forward as the Usalite’s powerful muscles forced her into a new position. Evkul pulled on her shoulders so her face wouldn’t hit the ground but also so that her body was bent backwards into a curving arc. The Usalite’s stronger body kept her suspended like this as more pseudopods formed to caress and rub her body.

“Holy Bang,” the female whispered. She trembled from head to toe. She was helpless within the Usalite’s grasp but she made no move to escape. Every millimeter of her skin was being rubbed, grinded and fucked by the thousands of tiny pseudopods working her body.

Evkul looked out at the orgy. The other participants were disturbed. They knew her position had to be uncomfortable but the human was moaning with pleasure, not pain. They wrinkled their noses in disgust at Evkul’s smell but they also looked with curiosity at the human’s trembling body.

They were disgusted but also curious. It was an endless cycle. Tonight’s conflicted spectator would be tomorrow’s playmate.

For now though, Evkul continued to rub and manipulate the human submerged within it. The spore reaction was growing within Evkul and soon it would release all over the trapped human.

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