Saturday, January 31, 2015

January 31st 2015 Transmission

There was a flash of red from somewhere in the orgy but Zoa ignored it. All of her attention was on the Usalite that was about to mount her. She was on her hands and knees facing away from the alien but by the Great Bang, she sure could smell it. The odor was awful and nothing in her experience could describe it.

Warm gelatin gripped her hips. A wall of the gelatin pressed against her ass and slowly spread down her thighs. A pseudopod stroked her back and left a trail of slime up her spine.

In front of her, she saw a few humans staring at her. They had stopped fucking to watch her. They were obviously disgusted but none of them could turn away.

It made her laugh. That was exactly why she was doing this. Zoa was a member of the Coven of Bliss and her spiritual counselor told her to seek out what repulsed her. Well, there was nothing more repulsive than fucking a Usalite so here she was.

“Ohhh yess,” the Usalite groaned. Everything sounded like a groan from an Usalite mouth. They were giant amoeba blobs. All of their organs were plainly visible through their transparent skin. This one was a sickly green like algae cakes that had gone bad.

Zoa summoned her courage and pushed back against the Usalite. It groaned and moved forward. Warm sticky gelatin encased her ass and pelvis. Small pseudopods pressed against the lips of her vussy. A much thicker pseudopod pressed against her anus.

“Fuck,” Zoa groaned. This wasn’t half bad. Yeah, the sticky slimy feeling was gross but those pseudopods knew what they were doing! It felt like a dozen fingers rubbing inside her sex. It felt like one thick sex organ pressing against her ass. She could get used to this. 

The Usalite pressed down onto her. She felt a splash of warm slime fall on her back and wrap around her body. Warm gel slid over her breasts and over her stomach. The smell of the Usalite grew stronger as the slimy gelatin body wrapped around her neck and moved up her chin.

“Shit,” Zoa groaned although shit smelled nicer. Her spirit counselor better be right about this!

The Usalite groaned again. It had encased her entire body except for her head. She could feel it in her short violet hair. Zoa wondered if it was hard to wash out. She had a feeling the smell would linger.

Then she felt the pseudopods. Usalites control almost every millimeter of their bodies and it was doing it now. She felt tiny muscles stroked and pull on her breasts. Tiny pseudopods massaged the base of her heels. The slimy body stroked, caressed and fondled every inch of her body below the neck.

Zoa cried out. It was so much sensation! Her tits were being pinched, squeezed and massaged at the same time. The inside of her vussy was being gang fucked by dozens of tiny pseudopods. The thick pseudopod at her ass pushed in and slowly penetrated her.

Zoa’s orgasm came almost immediately. She cried out and her body shook inside the Usalite’s slimy grip.

“Fuck,” she whimpered. She wasn’t sure what she was supposed to gain from this experience for her spiritual growth but damn, she was going to take her time finding out!

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