Friday, January 30, 2015

January 30th 2015 Transmission

Werade Bisgon smiled pleasantly as the Security Drone approached. The smile turned into a smirk as it passed him by. It continued to patrol the orgy but it considered Werade to be harmless.

“How wrong it is,” Werade said to himself. The yellow spines covering his body weren’t just a cosmetic enhancement, they biological projectiles ready to fire. Anti-coagulant coated the spines and would make sure every scratch would bleed out. Razor claws embedded in his hands were ready to spring out to hack and slash. Dermal plating would protect Werade from all but the most powerful of the Security Drone’s weapons. He was a walking weapon of mass destruction.

All around him, men and women fucked without knowing how close their doom was. It made him sick. None of these women ever offered to fuck Werade. He also had to pay for it. All these fucking bitches and sluts never slept with him no matter how much of a nice guy he was.

He blamed the Gyno Conspiracy. Back in humanity’s ancient past, men fucked the women they wanted and that was it. Women knew their place. Now the Gyno Conspiracy had brainwashed an entire species as well as non-humans into believing that men and women were equal. This orgy was a prime example of that fallacy: men and women fucked only if they gave each other permission.

He was going to change all that. Months ago on the social network, MysogyChan, he had proposed this blow against the Gyno Conspiracy by showing them the consequences underestimating males. The response had been amazing. Hackers had determined the exact enhancements that would slip past the Security Drones. Members of MysogyChan donated to his enhancements and paid for his surgeries. Holovid Philosophers promised to do specials on his attack so the Gyno Conspiracy would know that nice guys like Werade weren’t taking this shit anymore.

Someone tapped him on the shoulder. “Hey there, Werade.”

He turned. It was a slender pale human woman with purple hair. She smiled at him in a way that unsettled him.

“Do I know you?” he asked. Maybe she recognized his inherent masculine power and wanted to fuck. He decided that if she did, he would fuck her and then commit the atrocity. To show he was a nice guy, he would spare her from the coming massacre. But that was only if she put out.

“No, Werade, but I know you,” she smiled. “I know you’re a sick individual who blames an entire gender for all of his problems. I’m here to stop you.”

Fuck, he wasn’t going to spare this bitch now. “Too late,” he said. “Suck me off and I’ll just maim you.”

The purple haired woman giggled and the giggles exploded into laughter. She grabbed her stomach as her tits jiggled with laughter.

“That’s cute,” she said.

Werade snarled and willed his spines to detonate. Nothing happened.

He gave the mental command to pop his claws. Nothing happened.

He tried to swing at her and punch that laughing smile off her face. His arm wouldn’t move.

“I placed nanonites into your body,” the woman explained. “Remember when I tapped your shoulder. They are rapidly redesigning your enhancements into a highly toxic sludge. You can’t move because your nervous system is shutting down.”

Werade collapsed onto the floorHe forced his lips to move. “How . . . you . . .”

She understood . “How did I know what you were up to? Oh dumb ass, you came to our attention the first time you left a slut shaming comment on social media. That put you into our database and then we monitored your participation in groups like MysogyChan. We forsaw your little terrorist act two month cycles before you thought of it. Honestly, your kind hasn’t changed in thousands of years. You are quite predictable.”

No! It was impossible! Werade had read hundreds of articles about how foolish and stupid women were! He had seen hours of holovids explaining how superior men were! This operation had been planned by the finest minds of MysogyChan, how could it have failed?

“Who . . .” Werade started to say.

The woman smirked. “I’m an agent of the Gyno Conspiracy, duh. By the way, the toxins inside you classify you as a Class Six Threat to the Security Drones.”

She took a step back as four Security Drones approached him. He saw their weapon ports glow red as they prepared to fire. All around him, people continued to fuck; not even noticing his imminent demise.

Werade sobbed in impotent rage as they disintegrated his body.

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