Thursday, January 29, 2015

January 29th 2015 Transmission

Daverob felt the Engborg climax. The rapid flicking of her tongue skipped a step. Her warm breast grinded against his thighs. Her single eye dilated.

It was beautiful.

She immediately resumed sucking. He guessed that subroutines kicked in and kept her mouth sucking while her body enjoyed the orgasm. Her head moved up and down his strut as the rest of her shuddered.

It was incredibly sexy to watch. He was a connoisseur of sex with machine races. He had fucked robots, cyborgs, enhanced humans and remote bodies driven by immense starships. He loved the merger of hardware, intelligence and sexuality. It more than anything proved that some divine sexy intelligence had created the universe.

He was overcome with wonder. He leaned forward and gently pulled the engborg off his strut. A flicker of confusion crossed her pale face before her facial features returned to a neutral countenance.

Daverob kissed her. Her lips were surprisingly soft. She tasted like lubricant and steel.

The Engborg hesitated but it kissed back. He felt her tongue touch his with uncertainty. This was outside of its usual parameters. Daverob could almost feel the Engborg’s brain formulating a response.

It didn’t take long. Her mouth began to merge with his. Lips nibbled while the tongue licked. Their kissing became more rigorous until both of them were gasping.

Daverob had to fuck her. He stood up and tried to pick her up. It was impossible. She weighed twice as many kilos as he did.

The Engborg laughed at his attempt and stood up on her own. She let him direct her onto the chair and she nodded in understanding when he adjusted her chair to rise to be level with his pelvis.

She reached for him with her metal hand. Powerful fingers secreted lubricant onto his strut. She pulled him towards her bare vussy and it’s blinking lights.

Daverob slid into her. She was hot inside. Muscles and motors clenched and massaged his strut. Metal legs wrapped around his waist and locked within her grasp.

There was no where else he wanted to be. He placed one hand on her warm breast and the other on some hardware protruding from her pelvis. He rocked back and forth inside her.

The Engborg moaned. Her one eye clenched while the optical scanner in her other socket continued to stare at him. A tiny dish on her skull rotated towards him. A bioscanner on her arm hummed to life.

He smiled. He had her full attention. Well, most likely just some of it. Engborgs could do many amazing things at once and it was hubris to think that fucking her would hold all of her incredible mind.

Still, he could do his best to get her attention. As he continued to fuck her, he thought of all the things he could try.

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