Wednesday, January 28, 2015

January 28th 2015 Transmission

Cognia watched the hybrid fuck the Gillian with fascination. The precision it took to only put three point two decimeters of strut inside the Gillian was impressive. She wondered if it was aided by cybernetics or just practice. For fun she calculated the total hours of practice that might be needed for that level of precision.

The human she was sucking groaned. Cognia shut down her remote sensor in the back of her skull and focused on the human. He leaned back in the floating chair and gripped the arms of the chair tightly. His cute brown eyes stared at her intently as she sucked.

Cognia winked at him. Being an Engborg, she only had one organic eye to wink with but the light in her unblinking lens flickered as well. It had the same effect. The human groaned and his hips shifted to thrust into her mouth.

She tightened the seal of her lips around his strut. The motor in her tongue increased twenty percent to provide more stimulation. She leaned closer to press her exposed breasts to his thighs.

The human groaned.

Cognia reached down between her legs. Nubs emerged from her metal finger and began to vibrate. She stroked her wet vussy slowly as she let the vibrations do most of the work.

It was her intention to give the human all of her attention but it was so hard. She was an elder Engborg which meant over seventy percent of her body was machine. There were so many hardware updates crossing her mind as well as sensory data from a dozen relays. Cognia was sucking a strut and stroking herself but there was so much more than oral sex and masturbation going on.

That didn’t even take into account her natural thought processes. She was still calculating how much practice the hybrid must engage in for safe fornication. She was also making efficiency adjustments to her tongue motor for maximum stimulation/ power consumption. On top of all that, she was mapping the human’s strut for plastic replication later in the privacy of her quarters.

How in the cosmos was she supposed to just think about oral sex? It was a logic fallacy.

“You’re so pretty,” the human said to her.

All of her calculations froze. Was he serious? Engborrgs had never been considered desirable. They were pale humanoids with an abundance of machinery attached. The machines were all functional and no Engborg designed to aesthetics. She had one eye, a respirator nozzle and three strands of hair left! How could she be considered pretty?

This new data did something unexpected to her vussy. Sensitivity increased thirty percent. The vibrations from her finger brought her close to climax four minutes ahead of predictions.

A thought occurred that his compliment was a by product of the pleasure he was experiencing from her mouth.

She terminated that line of thinking.

Cognia replayed the words he said as her vussy clenched in climax.

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