Tuesday, January 27, 2015

January 27th 2015 Transmission

Aie cried out as the hybrid fucked her vussy. The thick strut slid in and out of her wet vussy with ease. She clutched the soft mat of the ground while she kept her rear high enough for the hybrid to fuck her.

It felt amazing and it damn well should. Aie was a Gillian and most of their erogenous zones were in their mouths. Aie had spent quite a bit of money to enhance the sensitivity of her vussy so that it was almost as sensitive as her lips and tongue. That was why she was able to enjoy this wonderful vussy pounding almost as much as a human would.

The hybrid pulled her long blue hair and Aie’s head tilted up. She looked out the orgy and was surprised to see so many of them staring back at her. They must have been confused as you why she wasn’t sucking the hybrid. More likely they were concerned that she was going to be impaled by the hybrid’s unnaturally long strut.

Aie had no concern. She had seen this hybrid perform at a sex show on B-Deck. He had fucked a Wuat female with amazing precision and a stallion’s endurance. When she saw him today at the orgy, she knew exactly what he was capable of and that was fucking her brains out.

She felt an orgasm building. It was still strange to feel all that sensitivity between her legs and not from her lips. She was still learning how to tilt her hips for the right amount of access as well how to clench down on the flesh within. Out of habit she kept licking her lips as if expecting to swallow a strut at any moment.

A woman cried out from above her. Aie wondered if someone was riding the hybrid. She briefly considered doing it herself. What would be it feel like to have such a beast between her legs?

Aie cried out. Most of her cry was too high pitched for humans to hear. She heard answering calls from the Gillians in the swimming area. They wanted to know what she was doing. They weren’t used to hearing a Gillian cry out pleasure without something in their mouth.

She didn’t respond. Her Gillians treated her as strange. She didn’t want to explain it to them and she didn’t want their judgment. Right now she wanted to enjoy the fucking.

A sudden gush flooded her vussy. Aie cried out as the hybrid released his immense load inside her. New pleasure rippled through her body as her amphibious body struggled to absorb all of his seed.

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