Monday, January 26, 2015

January 26th 2015 Transmission

Qob fell into a familiar rhythm. All four legs were braced around the screaming Gillian beneath him. The back of his equine half appeared to be bucking wildly but in fact was going through a very controlled sequence of motions. His monstrously long strut slammed into the female beneath him but only the first two or three decimeters were going into her vussy.

People were watching them. Qob was used to it. He was a star attraction at the Hybrid Sex Show on B-Deck. Every night, hundreds of beings paid top credits for the chance to see him fuck human women, Banimes and other hybrids. Those who paid extra for the VIP seat even got the chance to stroke his equine cock and give it a lick.

Right now though, he was fucking for himself. He had to get special permission from the show managers to fuck in public but they were usually cool with it. Fucking in public was kind of like giving away his show for free but it was also great advertising. Attendance always went up after Qob hit the orgy.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck!” the Gillian beneath him screamed. Her high pitched voice made Qob’s ears ring. He reached down and grabbed handfuls of her long blue hair. It was rare to find a Gillian out of the water and even rarer that they didn’t want oral sex. She must have been a freak like him.

Well, not quite like him. Qob had elected to turn his bottom half into an equine shape. It had been expensive, painful and psychologically traumatizing but man, did he make lots of money now. Every one was curious about the horse man and his horse strut. Women found him equally intimidating and irresistible. Sure he missed being able to scratch his own ass but he could get his many one night stands to scratch it for him.

“Can I ride you?” a pretty Asian woman yelled.

Qob laughed. WoIt was a popular request. “Sure!”

Never pausing in his fucking of the Gillian, he reached down and picked up the short Asian woman. He put her on her back and felt her thighs tighten around him. Her vussy was wet and already leaving a damp spot on his fur.

“Hold on,” he said. His equine half bucked more wildly while still maintaining the steady fucking of the Gillian beneath him. Several people in the orgy gasped as they thought the poor Gillian was being roughly impaled on equine strut.

“Fuck!” the Gillian screamed. She was fine.

“Woot!” the Asian woman on his back cried. She leaned forward and clutched his human chest. Her tits pressed into his back as her arms wrapped around him. He felt her grind on his equine back and he wondered if she would come.

The plan was to get the surgery to return to a full human body this solar cycle but Qob wasn’t so sure. He didn’t fuck many women while another woman grinded on his back as a human. Maybe he should hold off. There was too much money to be made and too much vussy to be had.

“Great bang!” the woman on his back cried. It looked like she came after all.

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