Sunday, January 25, 2015

January 25th 2015 Transmission

Vylie groaned as the strange man fucked her. It was a slow stroke that took thirty seconds to enter her completely before taking another thirty seconds to pull out. It was as if he wanted to enjoy ever possible millimeter of her vussy.

She forgave him. The guy looked kind of like sex star Danius WhiteBeard except his nose was a little too small and his chest muscles were better defined. A guy who looked like that can fuck her however he wanted.

He did another slow thrust. This time his hand went to her tit and squeezed. The strong hand crushed her breast like it a vice. He kept going back and forth from her tit to her thighs. Each time he squeezed too hard and each time Vylie got a little bit wetter.

She did wonder if he was really human. He barely talked and his seduction technique was just to lay her down on the ground and enter her. It worked, so maybe when you’re that sexy looking you don’t need to talk.

He did another slow thrust. His hand went back to her thigh and his fingers sank into her muscles. His thick strut slowly penetrated her with machine like precision.

Vylie writhed under him. Slow and steady was new to her. She had been coming to the orgy for a year and she was used to being pounded. She was used to being rammed. She was used to being taken so fast that her tits hurt from shaking. No one, human, alien or robot, fucked her this slow.

It felt fucking dirty. She loved it.

Vylie reached up and grabbed his shoulders. His flesh felt a little off. The muscles underneath didn’t move and she wondered if they were for show. What kind of being was he?

He slow fucked for another thrust. His hand went to one of her tits. He grabbed a nipple and twisted it. Vylie gasped and clenched around his strut.

One thing she knew about humans, aliens and robots is that they all loved tits.

Beside her, a hybrid human with the bottom half of a horse was fucking a Gillian. The hybrid was slamming into the screaming Gillian with a galloping speed. The Gillian’s eyes were wide with shock and pleasure. The sound of their fucking was wet and furious.

Vylie was envious. She wrapped her legs around the guy fucking her and squeezed. She tried to encourage him to go faster. Her legs had no effect on the stranger.

He did another slow thrust. His hand went her thigh and caressed the curve of her muscles.

Vylie felt an orgasm building within her. It grew and it grew as the guy slowly penetrated her. She felt herself go closer to the edge but ever so slowly. Usually her orgasms came quickly but now it was being dragged out and she wondered if it would ever come.

The stranger hit bottom and Vylie cried out. Her pent up orgasm exploded with the force of a supernova. She screamed and clutched the guy as her body shook.

The stranger didn’t react. He began to his slow pull out of her quivering vussy and she knew he would be plunging right back in.

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