Saturday, January 24, 2015

January 24th 2015 Transmission

Unexpected Adventure docked with Pleasure Station Sigma. It relayed registration information as well credits to cover the fees. It received the clearance information as well as the standard tourism information packet. Unexpected Adventure transferred a standard thank you response to the station.

The ship opened a channel to the station’s merchant exchange and sent a list of cargo that the Unexpected Adventure was willing to sell. Offers to buy came in immediately followed by offers to sell. Unexpected Adventure considered where it was headed next and made some economic calculations. It relayed purchase/sell orders to the merchant exchange and then opened it’s bay doors. Cargo haulers came on board to handle the exchange.

The cargo exchange would take half a day cycle so Unexpected Adventure ran a system diagnostic. It determined that there was a three percent drop in cognitive efficiency. That was within hardware performance guidelines so there was a ninety-eight percent chance that the inefficiency was caused by processing fatigue. This was not unexpected as it had been over nine thousand hours since Unexpected Adventure’s last remote excursion. It was past overdue.

Unexpected Adventure needed a body. It opened a channel to Pleasure Station Sigma’s entertainment feeds and did a quick survey of the six most popular physical bodies. It selected one at random, a human male sex star. Unexpected Adventure mapped the key physical characteristics of the sex star and then added a ten percent deviation to prevent misidentification.

It took these characteristics and imprinted them onto a plasmoid body. The intelligent gel confirmed to the new body that Unexpected Adventure had designed. A quick check with the local customs of Pleasure Station Sigma determined that clothing would not need to be designed.

Next it analyzed what activities were available on the station. There were thousands of activities but being a trading vessel, Unexpected Adventure was reluctant to spend credits if it didn’t have to. It filtered for cheap activities and found one that met its parameters: a free admission orgy.

Unexpected Adventure activated its Away-From-Ship protocols. The ship went into a semi-conscious state that would allow it to handle routine matters. Next it transferred the bulk of its higher functions to the plasmoid body.

It awoke inside the body. There was the usual terrifying feeling of losing most of its sensory equipment but the feeling passed as it became used to the limited sight, sound and touch at its disposal. Breathing, standing and licking its lips provided moments of amused distraction before a familiar need made it’s self known.

The penis was hard. It wanted to enter something. Unexpected Adventure was ready to fuck.

It plotted a course through Pleasure Station Sigma and headed for the orgy.

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