Friday, January 23, 2015

January 23rd 2015 Transmission

This was bad. Kanne was an assassin and for most of his life, he had done some pretty unsavory things. The last two years were different. He was hired by a human, Commander Herder, to help her secret mission to stop a mysterious ancient race trying to extinguish the spark of life from the universe. For once, Kanne was doing good and it felt good.

There were many rules under Commander Herder but the biggest rule was not to fuck any crewmates. They had stopped at Pleasure Station Sigma for some recreation and Kanne was supposed to be fucking a complete stranger at this public orgy. That was not what he was doing when Commander Herder and her fierce brown eyes found him.

Right now he was balls deep in Computer Specialist and fellow crewmate, Zivanda Perez.
“Do you have any explanation for yourself?” Commander Herder demanded. She was angry but she was also completely naked. Her lithe brown body was covered in sweat. The firmness of her breasts was distracting. The closely shaved hair of her vussy was even more distracting.

“It’s not what it looks like, Commander!” Zivanda said. She was still leaning against the wall with Kanne sheathed in her vussy. Kanne noticed that she didn’t try to push him away. In fact, she was clenching his strut with rhythmic pulses.

Kanne found that he was in no hurry to pull out himself.

“It looks like my assassin and my computer expert are fucking!” Commander Herder said. She walked slowly closer. Stranger sin the orgy innately sensed how dangerous she was and moved away. Kanne felt terribly exposed as the circle of empty space grew around them.

“I sincerely apologize for this,” Kanne said. Honor demanded that he accept responsibility. His strut throbbed inside Zivanda’s vussy. Honor did not exactly demand that he pull out.

“I will return to the ship and clean out my quarters,” Kanne continued.

“In a few minutes,” Zivanda added, grinding ever not so subtlety on his strut.

Commander Herder looked even angrier. Her brown cheeks were turning purple. “Oh really Kanne? I’m going to lose my best marksman when I am fighting something that threatens all life as we know it?”

Kanne didn’t know how to answer that. It didn’t help that Zivanda was grinding more blatantly on his strut.

“He doesn’t know that you’re fucking with him,” Zivanda said.

“How do you know I am fucking with you two?” Commander Herder said with a snarl.

“Because your hand keeps drifting point zero two centimeters to your crotch but you keep stopping yourself,” Zivanda said. “Genetic enhanced mind, remember?”

Commander Herder sighed. “Damn it. I never get to scare you, Perez.”

Kanne was really confused. Humans were weird. “You are not mad?”

Commander Herder leaned against the wall. She gently touched one of Zivanda’s nipples and gave it a playful squeeze. Zivanda’s clenching around his strut became more of a spasm.

“I’m just pissed you guys didn’t invite me,” Commander Herder said. “Fuck it, we’re saving the universe and we haven’t fucked it up yet. I think we’ve proven we are effective as a team. Okay, new rule. Crew members can fuck each other but only on shore leave. I don’t want the ship to turn into an orgy.”

“Great Bang!” Kanne said.

“Yeah, and second rule is I get fucked,” Commander Herder said. “So pull your strut out of Perez and fuck me already, Kanne. Perez, go get the others. I saw the doctor, Farrog and Puck fucking people. Tell them to come get some.”

“Aye, Commander!” Kanne and Zivanda said.

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