Thursday, January 22, 2015

January 22nd 2015 Transmission

Zivanda Perez played with one of her nipples as she watched the orgy. Her keen genetically enhanced mind did a quick estimation of how many breathing creatures were currently in the orgy, how much oxygen they consumed adjusted for the strenuous activity like fucking and then tried to calculate how much air had to be pumped in and recycled by the life support system. For fun, she also calculated how much air was probably being lost through minor flaws in the structural integrity of the space station itself.

She did all of this because she was nervous. For the last three years, she had been part of a top secret mission to save the universe from a threat that wanted to exterminate all life. The mission wasn’t why she was nervous. The constant challenge of understanding ancient technology and evolving threats was exciting. The nervousness came from the fact that her leader, the gorgeous Commander Herder, refused to let any of the crew fuck each other for perfectly understandable reasons. Today they were stopping at Pleasure Station Sigma to fuck other beings and blow off some steam but Zivanda saw that as an opportunity to fuck the rules and fuck one of her fellow crewmates.

Risking Commander Herder’s wrath; now that was fucking scary.

A hand caressed Zivanda’s ass. She jumped and tried to cry out but a hand covered her mouth. The smell of pepper filled her nose. It was a familiar smell.

“Shh,” Kanne whispered in her ear. The Thell bounty hunter/assassin/sexy red guy continued to glide his hand over her firm ass. It sent shivers up her spine and down to her vussy.

“Mmm?” she asked.

“No one saw me enter the orgy,” Kanne whispered. “Just like no one will see me enter you.”

“Mmm!” Zivanda moaned.

“I was so glad to get your message on my computer,” Kanne whispered. “I’ve been staring at your ass for months but you knew that, didn’t you? That is why you were those skintight armored suits. That is why you always walk in front of me in combat. That is why keep stopping so I will run into your big lovely ass.”

“Mmm-mm,” Zivanda protested.

“Don’t deny it,” Kanne whispered. His hand cupped her buttock and squeezed. “Let me ask you something. Did your genius brain ever wonder why a trained stalker of sentient beings kept walking right into your big round ass time and and time again?”

“Mmm?” Zivanda asked.

“It’s because I wanted to,” Kanne said. “Just like I want to fuck you right now.”

Zivanda felt his cock press against her vussy lips. He released her mouth and she leaned forward. Her hands reached for the wall as she bent at the waist.

Kanne entered her. He was thick and hard with tiny ridges that excited her inner walls. He filled her completely as his hands continued to fondle her ass.

“Quietly,” he whispered. He fucked her and he was as silent as a shadow.

Zivanda wanted to scream. She wanted to moan. She wanted to cry out her pleasure.

Instead she stayed quiet.

They fucked. She grinded against him as he slammed into her. There was no need for technique or tricks. They had spent the last year wanting each other.

Zivanda came. She bit her lip as tears fell down her cheeks. Fuck, that felt good!

Kanne paused in mid thrust. Zivanda whimpered in disappointment before stopping herself. Why had he stopped?

“I am very disappointed in you two,” Commander Herder said.


  1. Heh. Don't suppose said existential threat goes around disguised as trashcans, possibly with plumbing and kitchen utensils attached? ;)