Wednesday, January 21, 2015

January 21st 2015 Transmission

Puck fucked the alien woman from behind. Her body was blue and her hair was bluer. He felt a tongue inside her vussy licking his strut with each thrust. He wondered if she could taste him.

He found out. He pushed into her mind. Other voices started yelling at him. Some of the voices belonged to other people in the orgy. He pushed them away. Some of the voices were from within his own mind. Those he could never turn off. He focused and searched for the voice of the woman he was fucking.

“Salty delicious strut,” he heard. Huh, she could taste him.

“Fuck the bitch’s ass!” a voice counseled. That was the angry part of his head.

“Bleed her mind out and keep her forever with us,” another voice recommended. That was the mean part of his head.

“Ramming stars ignite within tight vussies,” a third voice whispered. That was a part of his head he still didn’t understand.

“Fuck me!” another voice said. He realized this voice was not in his head; it was the blue woman.

Puck fucked her faster. She moaned and stayed on all fours. He could feel all three of her tits swinging from the contact of their minds.

“She isn’t Dr. P’Honi,” a voice said.

“Shut up,” Puck said. He knew that. He knew this blue woman wasn’t the same as the caring sweet doctor aboard his ship. He wasn’t stupid!

“Dr. P’Honi wants you,” a voice told him. “She wants to fuck your crazy brain out.”

“Shut up,” Puck said as he fucked faster.

“Dr. P’Honi is disgusted by you,” a voice scolded. “She knows you masturbate to thoughts of Commander Herder.”

“Shut up,” Puck said. He grinded deeper into the blue woman.

“You want them both,” a voice accused. “You could mind wipe them both and turn them into your sex slaves but you’re too much of a coward.”

“Shut up!” Puck screamed.

The orgy turned quiet. Bodies still fucked but every being lost the ability to speak or make a noise. Worse, they didn’t even notice their ability had been taken away. They fucked in silence as if it was perfectly natural.

Puck took it back. The moans, groans, whimpers and cries returned.

The voices in his head came back as well.

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