Tuesday, January 20, 2015

January 20th 2015 Transmission

Dr. P’Honi leaned back on the floating chair. Bodies fucked all around her in the orgy. Carnal delights stretched from wall to wall.

One of those delights was kneeling in front of her. It was a brown human male with broad shoulders and willing eyes. She spread her legs for the human male to reach her vussy. The man kissed her blue thighs with reverence before moving on to lick her vussy.

She groaned. This is what she needed. For the last three years she had served as the doctor on board a starship tasked with fighting a secret conspiracy to destroy all life in the universe. She had prescribed herself, and the rest of the crew, a regular regimen of masturbation to help with the stress but exhaustion was setting in. That was why she insisted that they stop at this pleasure station for rest and recreation but mostly for fucking.

Of course, it helped that that human male eating her at the moment was the same dark shade of brown as the leader of their mission, Commander Herder. Dr. P’Honi had often wondered how her blue legs would look wrapped around the human’s brown head and now she had a better idea.

The human male added a finger to his licking. The finger went into Dr. P’Honi’s vussy and stroked her while his mouth continued to tease her outer lips. His hot breath tickled her emerging clitoris.

Not for the first time, Dr. P’Honi debated recommending that the crew fuck each other. She had several good arguments but she knew none of them would work. Commander Herder was quite firm and wouldn’t budge on the subject. That stubbornness was what made her a great commander and most likely an awesome fuck.

The human added a second finger to Dr. P’Honi’s vussy. She clenched around his fingers while his tongue moved to her clitoris. The human groaned into her sex and she felt an orgasm soon coming.

Dr. P’Honi flashed to Commander Herder’s face between her thighs. Then she imagined Farrog, their weapon specialist, and his lizard tongue lapping at her. From there she imagined Puck, their psycho psychic human, licking and probably biting at her sex. Next in her sexual montage was the mysterious Vana, still in her exosuit and fingering Dr. P’Honi’s sex.

But she came back to Commander Herder. She wanted the fearless human licking at her sex. She wanted to lick the brown human’s sex and feel the human’s strong thighs close around her head. She wanted to hear her inspirational commander call out Dr. P’Honi’s name as she came to orgasm.

The human male licking and fingering Dr. P’Honi was oblivious to her fantasies. He added a third finger to the tight space in her sex. He sucked gently on her clitoris as he moaned onto her. His free hand caressed her thigh in time with the fingers that were fucking her.

In her pre-climax euphoria, Dr. P’Honi decided that she damn the rules and regulations. As soon as she saw Commander Herder again, she would kiss the human and claim her. She would not rest until she dragged Herder to her bed.

Dr P’Honi came. She prayed the human male with her sex juices. She screamed her pleasure and the screams joined the other sounds of the orgy.

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