Monday, January 19, 2015

January 19th 2015 Transmission

Farrog pushed into the tight vussy of the Banime woman. The woman was small and his strut was large but she managed to take it all. It was true what they said, Banime women were tougher than they looked.

The Banime woman looked up at him with her enormous eyes. Her short red hair was drenched in sweat. “Fuck me,” she demanded. “I can take it.”

Farrog didn’t believe but he slammed into her anyway. Hands used to gripping heavy weaponry grabbed her slender hips and held her down as he propelled his strut into her with immeasurable force. The tiny vussy took all of his massive strut and he swore there might be room for more.

He grunted. Lords of Space, he needed this. He had spent two years traveling with Commander Herder and her secret crusade across the galaxy. Endless battles were the desire of every Xre warrior but damn, some fucking was nice too. A Xre could not live on bloddshed and carnage alone.

The Banime woman grabbed her ankles and spread her legs wider. Her small breasts bounced with every thrust of his strut. She cried out so loud it drowned out the sounds of fucking happening all around him.

Farrog grunted. He was proud of her sex sounds. He wished Commander Herder was here to see this. Maybe the dark human woman would be so impressed that she would spread her legs for him. He would love to hear her scream his name as he took her.

He shook his head. It was a foolish dream. One does not fuck your superior officer. One doesn’t fuck your fellow warriors either, no matter how much Dr. P’Honi keeps asking questions about Xre mating rituals while licking her blue lips. That was Farrog was fucking this Banime woman like she was the last Xre in the universe.

“Harder!” the Banime redhead cried. Farrog growled. One does not challenge a Xre warrior!

He pulled out of her and the Banime whimpered. He picked her up by the hips with one scaled hand and flipped her onto her stomach. She squealed with delight as he kicked her legs apart.

The squeal turned into a moaned as he spread her ass cheeks. Even the moan turned into silence as he aimed his armored strut for her anus. He was still slick from her vussy but still, his organ would never fit inside her.

Farrog pushed into her ass anyway.

The Banime screamed. What she screamed surprised him.

“Give me all of it!” she yelled.

He did.

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