Sunday, January 18, 2015

January 18th 2015 Transmission

Commander Herder grunted as she was thrown to the wall. The Vulthan male snarled at her as he kicked her dark legs open. Commander Herder punched him in the face. Blood flew from the Vulthan’s lips and his stut throbbed against her thigh.

A Security Drone came closer. It paused as it recognized Vulthan mating rituals. It scanned Commander Herder’s face and backed away. It rightfully concluded that the Vulthan was the one in trouble.

The Vulthan male entered her. His ridged strut forced open her vussy. Commander Herder cried out and wrapped her arms around the broad shoulders of the Vulthan. It crushed her against the wall as it fucked her.

This is what Commander Herder needed. Her two year secret mission of stopping the diabolical ancient race that sought to destroy the universe was taking its toll. Every day she had to fly around the universe following leads and perfoming feats of heroism. Every decision she made determined the lives of her friends, planets and sometimes entire races. Commander Herder was fucking exhausted.

Right now she was just getting fucked and that was perfect. The Vulthan male pounded her sex with all the fury of his race. She cried out as he fucked her against the wall. Her thighs wrapped around him as she held on and took it.

The Vulthan male grabbed one of her dark breasts and sunk his claws into her flesh. The pain sent clenching desire to her vussy. She moaned and repressed her urge to twist his neck off.

The Vulthan male was almost as strong as Farrog back on the ship. She had often wondered how the reptilian powerhouse would feel between her thighs. Of course, she often had the same thoughts about Zivanda; their computer specialist, or Dr. P’Honi and her blue mouth. Fuck, to be honest she had dirty thought about every single member of her crew which is why she was here at the orgy. It was damn irresponsible to fuck your own crewmates.

The Vulthan dived for her neck. Sharp teeth sank into her flesh. Extreme pressure exerted onto her trachea.

This is what she got for being nice.

Commander Herder punched the Vulthan male just under his bottom rib. The Vulthan released her throat as pain shot through his upper bladder. Commander Herder kicked the back of his knee with her heel and the Vulthan collapsed backwards. She rode his body down to the ground; his throbbing strut still buried in her vussy.

“Mother of the Hunt!” the Vulthan gasped.

Commander Herder smiled and grabbed his throat. Her dark fingers squeezed his green throat until he gasped. Being a Vulthan male, his strut never ceased pumping her sex.

“Behave,” she whispered. Her hips grinded on his pelvis.

The Vulthan male shut his eyes in submission.

Commander Herder rode his strut with her fingers still on his throat. She should have done this to begin with. The universe ran much nicer when she was in charge.

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