Saturday, January 17, 2015

January 17th 2015 Transmission

Tiri cried out as a sharp sting blossomed on her curvy ass. She flinched as the sting burned but then relaxed as the feeling of soothing cool spread across her buttocks. As soon as she relaxed, the sting returned and she flinched again.

“You’re such a tease!” she said to the Qzz. The floating transparent hood flashed a green color across its internal veins. The organs seemed to quiver inside. She wasn’t sure if it was answering her.

Four long tentacles extended from under the Qzz’s body. Tiri was on her side to give full access to the strange alien. Two of the tentacles were brushing her ass while the third sent prickling sensations across her heavy breasts. The fourth tentacles brushed her thighs and deliver sensations similar to a hundred tongues licking. Of course this tentacle stayed away from her sex no matter how much her pelvis moved.

Tiri looked up at the Qzz. What did it get out of this? It seemed to enjoy touching her body but was it turned on? How did it even have sex?

The tentacles at her ass moved to her chest. Every where the red tentacle touched, she felt sharp stings. Her large tits were subjected to a dozen stings as it seemed to casually brush her.

The stings hurt but it also sent a jolt of desire down to her sex. She was fucking soaked.

“Fuck me,” she told it.

Nearby, a human male looked up from the canine woman he was fucking. The man smiled at her as if he would take her offer later. Tiri envied the canine woman and the grunts she was making as she was being fucked.

The Qzz moved the tentacle between her thighs to her toes. Tiri giggled and squirmed as the nerve endings in her toes interpreted the strange neurotoxins as licking.

Was this safe? Was she suffering some sort of nerve damage? Surely they wouldn’t allow the Qzz in the orgy if they were dangerous, right?

The prickling tentacle moved down her stomach. Tiri held her breath as it moved down into the furry patch of her pubic hair. The tentacle brushed the lips of her vussy and the prickles became sensually unbearable.

“FUCK ME!” she yelled at the Qzz.

The tentacle that soothed touched her face. It was hard for her to describe what it felt like. It was like rolling over onto the cool side of a pillow. It was like snuggling into the breast of a crush. It was so nice.

She sighed in contentment.

All four tentacles moved to her sex. Tiri felt a moment of fear over what was about to happen. Could she handle all those sensations? The tentacles moved slowly but Tiri did nothing. She was too horny to be afraid.

The four tentacles of the floating Qzz pushed into her. Prickling, stinging, licking soothing sensations flooded her vussy.

Tiri cried out and came.

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