Friday, January 16, 2015

January 16th 2015 Transmission

Unna, daughter of Pla-Ru, fingered herself in the orgy. The sound of her wet vussy was loud even among the ruckus noise of the orgy. Unna grabbed one of her massive breasts as she finger fucked herself.

She attracted a lot of attention. She was taller than the average sentient being and her proportions were bigger. Large breasts, wide hips and plentiful black hair caught the eyes of many but only their gaze. They knew better.

Unna was a Yazamite and the muscles in her vussy could crush most alloys. Her arms could lift large shuttles. A single bite in the heat of passion could tear apart bone. Yazamites were some of the strongest beings in the universe and to fuck one was often a once in a lifetime experience.

Unna climaxed; her twentieth of the night. Yazamites had powerful appetites to go with their powerful bodies.

She watched the orgy, knowing that she couldn’t participate. Unna fingered herself while watching couples fuck. It was tempting to let one of her many admirers touch her while she fucked herself but the temptation would be too strong. She would think she could be careful and then one thigh squeeze later, there would be a mess to clean up.

Unna groaned and stroked faster. She had been fucked in the orgy before but the races who could fuck her were rare. Tonight she was so horny that she didn’t trust herself to kiss someone. Perhaps she would approach a robot and see if it was willing to risk their chassis. She was tempted to try. She was aroused and willing to fuck a machine if that is what it took.

Unna enjoyed her twenty-first climax. She bit her lip and shuddered from head to toe.

Fuck it, she wanted flesh contact. She just had to be careful.

“You!” she snapped at a dark human that was watching her. “Play with my breasts.”

The dark human smiled and came running. Humans were so easy to command. His hands went to her giant tits and squeezed. His fingers barely made a dent in her flesh. Judging by his smile, he didn’t seem to mind.

Unna stroked harder. She used both hands to resist the urge to touch his hard strut. It pulsed with his need and it touched her arm. She pictured it sliding into her. She tried not to picture him screaming as she clenched down on him.

The human leaned in to suck on one her large nipple. His lips were warm and his tongue was talented. He sucked happily on her giant breast.

Unna cried out her twenty-second orgasm.

The human’s strut pressed against his arm. She wanted to kiss it. Maybe just one lick. Perhaps just one very careful suck. She would just do a few seconds of sucking and that was it. She would be so careful.

But Unna knew she couldn’t keep that promise. The suck lust would come over her and she wouldn’t be able to stop.

Unna groaned with frustration. She wanted to suck and fuck. The need grew inside her and she cultivated and tormented herself thinking about it. It turned into a sexual anguish that filled her with rage. The rage she used to fuck herself faster and harder than perhaps even her Yazamite vussy could take.

She screamed her twenty-third orgasm.

“Play with your strut,” she told him.

The human didn’t stop sucking her breast. He reached down and pumped his strut. She thought about putting her vussy juice on his strut but no, she would be too tempted to squeeze that hard strut. She would have to satisfy herself with waiting for the hot splash of his seed on her arm.

Perhaps on her breasts.

Perhaps on her vussy.

Perhaps into her mouth.

Unna cried out her twenty-fourth orgasm.

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