Thursday, February 12, 2015

February 12th 2015 Transmission

Adriah was about to climax. The blue haired Nelf woman pointed his strut right at her face and stroked faster. Her thin fingers tugged on him as she opened her mouth.

He came. A geyser of seed flew onto her face. A second stream landed right in her mouth. The Nelf woman moved her head from side to side so his come was all over her face. It was like something out of a porn holo.

When there was nothing left, she finally let go of his strut. He leaned back into the hover chair with a groan. Just as he was about to offer to return the favor, the Nelf got up and left.

“Wow, Nelf’s really are aloof,” he said. He watched her lithe body walk away and took a moment to admire her tiny but firm ass.

His nipples hardened. Adriah watched his chest muscles lose their definition as his breasts began to grow. The hair on his chest fell off in curly clumps.

“Already?” Adriah said. It had only been a week since the last change but that was one hell of an orgasm. He felt like he had climaxed a month’s worth of seed.

A tremor ran through Adriah’s body. A brief flash of pain accompanied the widening of his pelvic bones. Heat embraced his body as his cells went through rapid reformation. He bit his lip as it suddenly became fuller.

His strut retreated into his body. A miniature orgasm accompanied the emergence of her clitoris. An urge to fill her vussy with something thick and hard came over her.

Adriah giggled as her hair spilled down her neck, past her shoulders and half way down her back. She sighed as her breasts settled heavily on her chest. She moaned as she stretched her long limber legs.

The transformation was done. Adriah felt a warm sensitivity emerge all over her body. She wanted to be caressed, cuddled and fucked.

She also wanted chocolate but that would have to wait.

Adriah reached down between her thighs. She brushed her thick brown pubic hair with her finger tips. A little deeper and she tickled the lips of her vussy with her fingertips.

Her other hand went to her breast. Adriah groaned as she squeezed her tit. She was thirty years old and she had been transforming since she was thirteen but but she always got a thrill from touching her own breast. It was always hard in the weeks without them.

Her fingers went deeper inside her vussy. She had just climaxed but that as with her strut. Now she had a vussy and she was ready for more. She plunged in and fucked herself as hard as she could. Her hymen resisted her but that was okay. She would save that pleasure for later.

She looked out at the orgy. Males, females and others fucked each other. Bodies humped while mouths sucked. Hands stroked and squeezed. Asses clenched and backs arched.

Adriah shook her head. So many beautiful bodies but almost all of them were locked into singular forms. How dull!

She felt an orgasm coming so she stopped. Climaxing this soon after a transformation shouldn’t change her but there was always that one in a million chance. Why take the risk, especially before she had a chance to get a strut inside her brand new vussy?

Adriah got up from her chair and went looking for someone to break her new body in.

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