Friday, February 13, 2015

February 13th 2015 Transmission

Krag the Devourer pushed into the human female from behind. Her soft skin felt good in his reptilian claws. There was a smell to her that reminded him of newborn mammals and it took everything Krag had not to bite into her.

He pushed his strut into her vussy. There was a slight resistance but he kept pushing. The female groaned and arched her back. The scent of blood came from her vussy and he began to drool.

As she a virgin? Impossible! It must be some sort of regeneration treatment. What will mammals think of next?

Krag’s tail swished behind him. His powerful legs planted on either side of the female as he penetrated deeper into her. Drool fell from his long jaws and landed on her back.

“Fuck me like an animal!” the female said.

Krag snarled. Was she being specist? It was hard to tell. Fuck it, he would just fuck her.

Her talons pressed against the soft flesh of her hips as he struggled not to cut her. His hind legs flexed and he slammed into her from behind. The green shaft of his strut rammed into her disturbing hairy vussy.

“Great Bang!” the female cried out. She threw her head back and long brown hair went flying everywhere. Some of it landed in his teeth and Krag neatly snipped it between his jaws.

He swallowed the tips of the human’s hair and kept fucking. He watched her non-scaly flesh jiggle and shake beneath him. She made sounds like a wounded animal as he slammed into her.

Lust filled Krag’s body but also shame. He was a ten time champion of the Eating Pits. He was the father of seventy-eight proud spawn, nineteen of which were Eating Pit champions themselves. He was a hero of the Rapton race and yet he was that most deviant of Raptons imaginable: a mammal fucker.

But fuck, it felt so good inside this human right now. Her vussy was wet and tight and her rump meat bounced when he rammed into her. Her soft flesh turned him on in ways that hard Rapton scales no longer did. His strut was hard and thick inside her without the aid of lust meats.

Krag let out a deafening roar of lust and power. Only a fellow Rapton would understand hear the slight bass tone of shameful joy.

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