Saturday, February 14, 2015

February 14th 2015 Transmission

Sidh squeezed the alien woman’s yellow breast. Her breast was small at first but the more that he squeezed, the larger her breast got. By the time he pinched her nipple, her breast was Delta size at least.

“You like them big?” Cery asked. Her silver tongue licked yellow lips. Her breast grew another size in his hand.

“Sidh loves them big,” Jeta said. Sidh looked over at his wife as she stroked the strut of Cery’s husband. Both of her dark hands pumped the alien’s yellow organ. Like Cery’s tit, Devor’s strut grew exponentially in size.

Sidh was impressed. Feqs weren’t true shape shifters but their body masses were pretty pliable. They could take the shape of something like a desk but the eyes, yellow skin and grinning mouth would give them away. What no one ever told Sidh as that when they grow a breast, it fucking feels like a real breast.

“Bite them,” Devor advised. “It drives her vussy wild.”

Sidh took his advice. Cery sat up and offered a yellow tit for him. He opened his mouth and licked her nipple before biting down.

“Lords of Space!” Cery cried out. She trembled in his mouth.

Sidh kept biting. Coming to Pleasure Station Sigma for their fourth wedding anniversary was the best idea that Jeta ever had. Their first day, they had ordered a couple’s special at a brothel and yesterday they watched their first Ass-fucker tournament in person but coming to the orgy today topped both of those. They should have joined orgies years ago.

“Feel how wet it makes me?” Cery asked. Something wet and slick rubbed against the tip of his strut.

Sidh looked down. Cery’s torso had elongated and curved so her vussy could rub against his strut. The angle her body was bent at looked painful but he knew it was nothing to the Feq.

“Yes,” Sidh groaned with her breast still between his teeth. He released his mouthful and bit another part of her tit.

Cery groaned. Her vussy lips rubbed up and down against his strut. He felt the lips extend and wrap around the side of his strut. The slick flesh slid up and down his sex.

“Fuck!” a male voice called. Sidh looked and saw that his wife was face down in Devor’s lap. Her dark cheeks bulged as she struggled to hold all of Devor’s enormous girth. Sidh smiled. Devor had no idea how much Sidh’s wife could swallow.

“I want you,” Cery whispered. She pushed him onto his back. Her torso stretched to stay in his mouth. The Feq’s torso vussy lips pulled his strut into her. Cery sat down onto his strut and encased him in wet heat.

“Praise the Singularity,” Sidh whispered. This as the best wedding anniversary ever.

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