Sunday, February 15, 2015

February 15th 2015 Transmission

Cery moaned as the dark human’s strut filled her. She tightened around him, constricting her vussy until it was stretched around his strut. The throbbing of his strut drove her crazy but not as crazy as the human’s sharp teeth on her breast.

“Fuck me,” she begged.

Something clicked and his strut buzzed to life. He had cybernetic implants in his sex organ! Vibrations pulsed through Cery’s vussy.

Cery laughed. It felt so good. Sidh kept biting her tits and her breasts kept growing larger. As the vibrations pulsed through her, Cery’s vussy shrank even tighter around his strut.

Sidh grabbed her ass. He pulled her hips up so he could thrust up into her vussy. The angle and rhythm was perfect.

“Just like that,” her husband said. Cery turned to look at Devor. Sidh’s wife was sucking the tip of Devor’s strut. It had lengthened like a snake but the dark woman had wrapped it around one of her large plump breasts. It throbbed around her breast, constricting it tightly as she sucked.

Cery shared a smile with her husband. Humans were so fun to fuck. Their bodies were limited but they made up for it with their ingenuity.

Sidh bit down harshly on her tit. Her breasts kept growing until they were bigger than the dark human’s head. He didn’t seem to mind. He just kept biting.

Cery came. Her vussy shook harder than the cybernetic strut that was vibration inside her. Ripples ran down her skin as she struggled to hold her shape through the orgasm.

The human kept fucking her. His hips increased to speeds that had to be cybernetically aided. He pounded her tight slick vussy with relentless passion.

Cery had an urge to wrap her body around the human. She wanted to encase every inch of his body but she resisted. It tended to freak humans out.

There was something else she could do. While her breasts grew and nearly smothered the human, she stretched her neck. Cery stretched and turned until her head was down her back. She saw the strut that was pounding her vussy and the thick bouncing sack of his scrotum.

Cery watched and timed her next move. She lunged forward with her mouth impossibly wide and caught his balls in her mouth. Her tongue went to work and she sucked hard as the human continued to fuck her.

The human groaned. She felt the vibrations of his groan through her huge breasts. She felt his pleasure in the way his fucking missed a beat and then resumed.

Cery kept licking the human’s balls as he fucked her. She couldn’t wait to taste her vussy after he came in it.

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