Tuesday, February 17, 2015

February 17th 2015 Transmission

Jeta laid on her back as the pliant Feq entered her. Devorretty large. He climbed on top of her plump body and sank centimeter after centimeter into her.

“Fuck!” Jeta groaned. She looked to her side to see her husband, Sidh, using both hands to fist Devor’s wife, Cery. His large hands disappeared inside the stretchable vussy of the yellow Feq.

This was the best wedding anniversary yet. It was better than that time they rented a sexbot. It was even better than that time they visited Euphoria. Going to an orgy as the romantic thing they have ever done.

Devor put more of his weight on her. Her recently spanked ass flared as it was crushed against the soft floor of the orgy. She relished the pain and wrapped her legs around the Feq.

He placed a hand on her breast. Small suckers formed on his fingers and secured themselves to her breast. It was like a dozen mouths were sucking on her large breast.

“You feel amazing,” Devor groaned. His strut throbbed and twisted inside her sex.

Jeta cried out. She couldn’t form a more coherent response. Devor’s strut moved inside her with the solid thrusts of a good fuck but what was fucking her kept changing. For a few thrusts it was thick and solid and then for a few thrusts it would be slender and curving. Sometimes it was slick like a plastic toy and sometimes it felt ridged and lined with studs. She felt like she was being fucked with a dozen sex toys at the same time and all of them were wonderful.

She had a few tricks of her own. Cybernetics in her vussy activated and tightened around Devor’s strut. She watched his eyes grow wide as her grip tightened to virginal levels.

“Fuck, yes, fuck,” he groaned. Devor fucked her faster. Her free breast wobbled and shook from the force of his thrusts. 

Jeta turned her head and looked at her husband. He was up to his elbow inside Cery’s vussy. Her mouth was on his strut and Cery widened her lips to include his balls inside her mouth. Jeta wondered which of them would come first.

Devor leaned down near Jeta’s face. He gently kissed her ear as his tongue flicked her ear lobe. In contrast to this tender moment, his pelvis rammed her vussy like a sex gladiator.

Jeta felt her orgasm approaching. She was going to come while this malleable alien fucked her with a variety of phallic shapes. She was going to climax while her husband had his strut and balls sucked on by a willing mouth. She was going to reach orgasm while her husband made an alien come on his fist.

“Singularity!” Jeta screamed. She wrapped her thighs and arms around the rutting alien on top of her. Pleasure shot through her body and made everything clench from head to toe.

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