Wednesday, February 18, 2015

February 18th 2015 Transmission

Ellix looked down at the woman kneeling in front of him. She was bald and pretty with an open mouth. She wiggled her tongue at him as a silent urging for him to climax. One hand pinched her nipples while the other hand was stroking her vussy.

Her name was Cazzie and she was a Soul-slave to Yolly, the woman stroking Ellix’s strut. Yolly stood behind Ellix, her firm breasts pressing against his magnet bound arms. He felt her hot breath on his back while one of her legs rubbed against his thigh.

Ellix shuddered as Yolly’s pumping hand increased in speed. He had come down to the orgy to offer himself to whomever wished to use him. It wasn’t long before Yolly and Cazzie found him and they incorporated him into their fuck games.

A warm contentment spread through Ellix’s body. He was a member of the Invisible Collar and sexual service was his greatest desire. It didn’t bother him that he was being used like a toy. If anything, it made him harder and gave him a sense of accomplishment. To be reduced to nothing more than a sex aid was immensely fulfilling.

“I can feel him about to come,” Yolly said behind him. She pinched his ass and a tremor ran through him. “He’s going to burst and come all over your face, my dirty whore.”

Cazzie whimpered but her mouth remained open.

“And after he comes all over your face, you’re going to let it stay.” Yolly continued. “You’re going to wear his seed for the rest of the night so everyone can see what a slut you are.”

Cazzie bit her lip as she stroked faster. Ellix groaned as he imagined her imminent humiliation.

“Once I drain him, I’m going to let him eat me,” Yolly said. “I am going to ride his face until he makes me come. I’m going to let him lick me to orgasm while you watch. If you are lucky, I might let you masturbate but I am certainly not letting you come.”

“No,” Cazzie whimpered. She twisted her nipple painfully hard.

Ellix could take no more. He climaxed and released his load. Yolly kept pumping his strut as stream after stream of seed landed on Cazzie’s face. Some landed in her open mouth and some splattered her breasts but most of it landed on her grinning eager face.

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