Thursday, February 19, 2015

February 19th 2015 Transmission

Sasha Death growled with disgust. The Vitari male had come inside her and was slowing down. His furry body felt good between her red thighs but she came to Pleasure Station Sigma to fuck, not cuddle.

Her hands pushed his three hundred kilogram body off of her. She was careful to use a tiny fraction of her strength and he only flew back a meter from her body. Luckily the orgy room was padded and he landed softly. Somewhat.

The guys waiting to fuck her looked like they had second thoughts. Two of them suddenly became interested in other weaker fucks. One male took a step towards her but thought better of it. All around her, struts went limp as doubt and self-preservation kicked in.

“Come on, assholes,” Sasha snapped. “Either get inside me or go the fuck home.”

Pleasure Station Sigma had a reputation for decadence. That was the only reason that Sasha and her sisters were here. They had been bounty hunting across the sector for too many runs and they needed a break. This was her chance to fuck hard and get fucked but she was starting to worry that maybe her powerful body was too much for these soft hedonists.

There was a grunt and someone pushed their way through the hesitant men. He was tall and a darker shade of red than Sasha. His strut was thick and had a few obvious cyber enhancements. There was a cocky grin on his face that Sasha didn’t like but fuck it, at least he wasn’t afraid.

Sasha opened her thighs and reached for his strut. She squeezed slightly and his armor prevented any damage. That was good to know. If he could take her hand, then he just might survive her vussy.

She pulled him towards her sex and he climbed on top of her. His strut slipped inside her and began to oscillate in a pleasing manner. He put his hand to her throat and squeezed.

Sasha laughed. He was trying to choke her. That was cute. She clenched down on her vussy and tested the structural integrity of the man’s strut.

His cocky grin slipped a fraction. “Tight for a slut,” he said.

“You’re strong,” Sasha said. “For a man.”

He began to fuck her. His grip on her throat was tight but his strut was nice and hard. He fucked her violently, pounding her vussy like he was throwing punches.

It felt good but something nagged at Sasha. His voice was familiar. She had heard it before and she associated it with money.

“Take it,” the man growled. His fingers tightened around her thick neck.

Of course, he was Habbid the Butcher! He was wanted in three systems for mass murders! There was a nine thousand MegaCred reward for his ass, dead or alive.

Sasha could kill him right now. One punch and she would snap his neck. The Security Drones would kick her out of the orgy and she might be in trouble with Station Security but the bounty would pay a lot of fines and bribes. It would be one of the easiest jobs she had ever done.

Habbid fucked her harder. His strut vibrated and reached deep inside her. The strut spun and radiated new pleasures through her vussy.

She had nine thousand good reasons to kill him but his strut was one damn good reason to keep him alive.

“Fuck!” Sasha cried out. She tightened her thighs around him as he fucked her. What would her sisters think? Should she go for the money or just let him go in the interest of staying on vacation?

Habbid’s strut extended inside her and reached her O-spot. Vibrations ere applied directly to her most sensitive area.

“FUCK!” Sasha cried as she came. Her decision was made. This fucker just earned himself a free pass from the daughter of Death.


  1. Some how I get the feeling that Habbid is still going to get taken.
    Love the story so far!