Friday, February 20, 2015

February 20th 2015 Transmission

Rene Death caressed the bronze woman’s breast. Her fingertips grazed the woman’s nipple and sent a shiver through her body. The woman moaned and her bronze thighs closed around Rene’s tattooed thigh. Rene felt the heat of the woman’s vussy against her trapped thigh.

“Touch me, hold me, squeeze me, lick me,” the woman thought. Rene didn’t hear her thoughts as much as she felt them. Her empathic mind could feel many emotions in others but lust was always the strongest.

Rene’s blue hair changed to purple as she licked the bronze’s woman’s nipple. She felt the woman’s pleasure and it made her own nipples harden. She licked faster and felt the excitement course through the bronze woman.

This was what Rene needed. For too long she had been hunting criminals with her sisters across the sector. Every day she felt the emotions of anger, violence, fear and panic from those they preyed on. The others thrived on it but Rene needed a break. They had come to Pleasure Station Sigma for that break and Rene had come to the orgy to submerge her mind in pleasure and satisfaction.

“Yes, grind, grind, touch, wet vussy, grind,” the bronze woman thought. The woman was a natural telepath herself and her thoughts strong inside Rene. Their thoughts and needs merged into one desire in two bodies.

Rene rolled on top of the bronze woman. Their thighs locked around one another as their lips locked into a kiss. Hard nipples pressed against one another as bronze flesh grinded against tattooed flesh.

Together their hands moved down to the other’s vussy. As their fingers slipped inside wet places, their minds




Rene/Nyre groaned into each others’ mouths. They felt how the other’s hands felt inside the other. Their lips gasped as they masturbated with a single mind.

“Someone is watching,” Rene/Nyre thought.

It was true. Nyre’s telepath powers were stronger and they sensed the attention of a red man. He sat a few meters away and was stroking his rather thick strut. He had a cruel grin that made him attractive. They could tell that he had climaxed recently but the sight of their bodies was giving his strut new life.

“Let’s give him a show,” Rene/Nyre thought. They released their grip on each other’s thighs. Together they began kissing their way down each other’s bodies as they slowly turned around. They kissed their way to the other’s vussy and dived in.

Rene/Nyre groaned. Their lips and tongue felt so good. They tasted Rene’s genetically modified vussy juices and giggled at the fruity flavor. They groaned as Nyre’s sensitive clitoris was licked. They writhed together as Rene’s enhanced quadruple jointed fingers fingered deep places within Nyre.

The red man pumped his strut faster as he watched. Through his eyes, Rene/Nyre watched themselves. They saw their squirming bodies as he groaned. They saw their slick vussy juice faces as the man throbbed.

Rene/Nyre felt his name. It was Habbid the Butcher. Recognition flared through them. He was a wanted criminal! No one knew where he was hiding and yet they had found him!

The thrill of discovery gave way to a feeling of pleasure. Rene may have cared about the criminal and what her sisters would do but Nyre only wanted more sex. Together in their mental connection, what they had in common far outweighed their differences. Separately they would have understood the importance of capturing Habbid but together they were two bodies locked in a near orgasm.

Rene/Nyre licked and fingered themselves. They buried their faces in vussies and thighs. Together they humped each others’ faces as they came closer and closer to orgasm.

Rene’s hair changed to a rainbow of colors as she climaxed. She wondered if Habbid had any idea how close he came to being captured by a daughter of Death.

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