Saturday, February 21, 2015

February 21st 2015 Transmission

Taryn Death was on all fours. She bit her lip as the alien male slipped his thick strut into her vussy. He was almost too big for her but only almost. The first few centimeters went slow but as the last he slammed into her tight vussy. Her short purple hair fell into front of her face and she blew it out of her eyes.

“Docking complete,” the male said. It was a pilot joke and because pilots always got Taryn hot, she laughed at it.

“Permission to unload is granted,” Taryn said.

The response was immediate. The pilot grabbed her hips and began to fuck her. The sound of his hips crashing into her firm ass soon filled the orgy room.

Taryn’s green cat eyes widened with surprise and pleasure. All around her was a multitude of fucking bodies. She couldn’t see colors but she saw heat and the orgy had heat to spare.

Praise the Lords of Space that she agreed to take a vacation on Pleasure Station Sigma. Her sisters had been pestering her to authorize a vacation and she finally gave in. As the leader of their little family owned bounty hunting business, Taryn was used to being the responsible one but even she was getting burned out. A good hard fuck was just what she needed.

Of course, even a good hard fuck could use a little supervision. Taryn balanced herself on one hand while she used her other hand to reach between her thighs. As the alien’s strut rammed in and out of her, she stroked the outside of her vussy lips. Sometimes her fingers stroked his strut and he didn’t seem to mind that one bit.

Taryn’s first orgasm came quickly. She threw her head back and let out a scream.

When she opened her eyes again, she saw someone watching her. It was a male and judging from his body heat, he has had a long day. That didn’t stop him from stroking his strut while he watched her.

Something about his shape nagged at her. He was smiling with a familiar grin.

The pilot continued to fuck her. “Advancing to warp,” he announced and then his already fast fucking increased to a furious pace. Taryn had to steady herself with body hands as his strut reached ridiculous speeds inside her.

“That is fucking hot,” the man across from her said.

Taryn’s genetically enhanced brain searched her organic database. It compared sound samples to previous memories. A million probability calculations were made in an instant and a positive identification was made.

He as Habbid the Butcher. Wanted in three systems for the mass murder of seventeen million sentients. Preferred weapons were acid based. Current bounty was at nine thousand Megacreds and a year of free meals at Sheba’s.

Taryn thought of her sisters. Had they seen him? Of course not. Sasha would have killed him already and Rene as so responsible that she would have reported him as soon as she saw him. That meant Taryn had to snag him. There was no way she was letting such a scum bag walk free.

Plus, nine thousand MegaCeds could pay for a lot of genetic enhancements, bullets and station docking fees.

“Hey, come here,” Taryn called to Habbid.

The criminal’s grin grew wider as he approached. He didn’t ask permission from her; he just aimed his hard strut at her lips.

Taryn smiled and closed her mouth around his strut. She tasted someone else’s vussy juices and a whole lot of dried seed. Habbid has had a busy day in the orgy.

The pilot fucked her even faster. She really had to find out hat species he was because he fucked faster than most robots. His thick strut pounded vussy and drove her quickly to her second orgasm.
She moaned her climax onto Habbid’s strut. He grabbed her short purple hair and slammed his strut into her mouth. Her face fucked her like a beast but what do you expect from a mass murderer?

Taryn didn’t mind. She was being fucked at both ends and it felt great. The fact that she was about to score a huge bounty was just bonus.

Habbid reached down and grabbed one of her breasts. His fingers squeezed her tit painfully. The pain just made her vussy even more sensitive.

Taryn came again. Her body shook with pleasure as the pilot and the mass murderer continued to use her.

Habbid started to groan. His face fucking became more urgent. He was about to come.

That was where Taryn drew the line. She didn’t mind sucking on a killer to get a bounty but damn if she was going to let him get off. It was time to end this.

A fang emerged from one of her teeth. It quickly stabbed his thick strut and secreted a poison. The fang retracted back into her mouth before Habbid felt the stab.

“Ow!” Habbid yelled. “What was tha-.”

Habbid fell to the ground. He snored as soon as he hit the ground. It would take a high level toxicology exam to suspect that he was drugged and not simply exhausted.

A Security Drone hovered through the crowd towards Habbid. Taryn knew she didn’t have much time. She clamped down on the pilot’s strut with her enhanced vussy muscles. She trapped his strut in mid-thrust.

She clenched once, twice, three times and he came.

“Great Bang!” the pilot cried out. She felt his seed erupt inside her. Her vussy muscles kept clenching until she milked out every drop.

The Security Drone was here. It levitated Habbid’s sleeping body. Taryn quickly stood up while the pilot fell back in orgasmic weakness.

“Excuse me,” Taryn told the drone. “That’s my friend and I guess he needs some sleep. Can you release him into my custody instead of taking him to the Recovery Lounge?”

The Security Drone scanned her vitals for lying. Unknown to the drone, Taryn had her vitals altered long ago to pass scans just like this one.

“Certainly,” the Security Drone said. It lowered Habbid onto Taryn’s shoulder. “Have a nice day!”

Taryn smiled. “Thanks!”

She started to walk towards the orgy exit with the unconscious Habbid on her shoulder. Seed leaked down her thighs. It occurred to her that not even an orgy was safe from one of the Daughters of Death.

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