Sunday, February 22, 2015

February 22nd 2015 Transmission

Jal was wasted. Jal wasn’t sure that he had even been this drunk. The world was a swirl of colors. He couldn’t exactly feel his feet. He stood up and the entire orgy room spun. Experience was the only thing that kept him upright and even then he knew better than to take a step.

One drunken wobble and the Security Drones would inspect him. Once they saw how drunk he was, he would be escorted from the orgy. As drunk as he was he might get a one week suspension from the orgy. Shit, he was pretty sure that as intoxicated as he was that he might get banned for life from the orgy.

Not allowing drunk people at an orgy was just good medical and security practice. All of the Security Drones knew that. What they apparently did not know was that Gekkes like Jal had a weird body chemistry that allowed them to get intoxicated from most vaginas from most species in the galaxy. That is the only explanation for letting eat out so many women tonight.

The orgy room kept spinning. Jal tried to wipe his mouth and missed. It made him giggle. A pleasant warmth filled his entire body.

He as so drunk on vussy right now.

Jal realized that he had a problem. He had a job interview in a few hours to be a body painter at a strip club. He was nervous so he came into the orgy to loosen up. He promised himself that he would only lick two vussies and yet he lost count around seven. Now he was totally blitzed and unlikely make it to the interview much less not pass out at it.

Maybe his friends were right; maybe he was an addict. He should start attending those counseling sessions that the Christecs offered. Or maybe he could go to one of the Great Bang Temples and ask for help. Maybe it was finally time to admit he needed help.

“Hey, you’re a Gekke, right?” a voice said to his right. He turned his head slightly. The voice belonged to three women with six tits and three thick vussy bushes.

“Yeep,” Jal said. He felt a vussy hair on his tongue.

“My wife told me that you guys are great vussy eaters,” the three women said. As Jal watched, the three women melded into two. “Is that true?” she asked.

“Yeep,” Jal said.

The woman took his hand and placed it against her sex. She was warm and wet. “Would you like to show me?”

“Yeep,” Jal said. Fuck it. One more drink and then he’d start getting help.

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