Monday, February 23, 2015

February 23rd 2015 Transmission

Qonna wrapped her thighs tighter around the Gekke’s head. His blue hair was prickly against her thighs but she didn’t care. The short blue alien was licking her vussy like a dying man drinking water.

“It is true!” Qonna cried out. Gekkes do eat vussy like no one else! His tongue rapidly flicked inside her while his mouth kept burrowing for more. It wasn’t that he had a special technique or did anything amazing with his tongue as much as it was just his passion. He devoured her vussy like it was the most important thing in the galaxy.

His hands gripped her thighs and pulled them to his mouth. He wasn’t strong but Qonna knew he had nothing to worry about. With vussy eating like that, she wasn’t going anywhere.

The Gekke was relentless. He licked and he licked and he licked. Qonna moaned as his tongue found places within her vussy that she wasn’t aware was there. She writhed and humped his face while he kept licking.

He was better than a mouth parlor. He was better than a Gillian. Great Bang forgive her, but Qonna thought the Gekke as better than her wife.

Qonna felt her orgasm about to burst. She grabbed her heavy tits and squeezed as the Gekke licked her closer to orgasm. She wondered if he would stop licking when she came. It seemed unlikely. She trembled at the thought of his tireless mouth eating her as she came.

Suddenly he stopped. Qonna waited but nothing happened. She sat up and looked at the blue alien between her legs.

He was snoring. Did he pass out? Qonna had passed out from sex before but she never heard of someone doing it from eating vussy.

A Security Drone came by and picked him up from between her open legs. He would be taken out of the orgy to recover.

Qonna sighed. It was nice that the Gekke was being taken care of but hat about her? She was so damn close!

Should she get herself off? Fuck that. Should she go look for her wife and get her help? Fuck that, Qonna didn’t want to move.

“You!” Qonna said to a hairy short alien that was walking by. “Eat my vussy and I’ll pay you back however you want.”

The hairy alien stroked his beard. Unlike the Gekke, he was stout and as wide as a lube barrel. “I agree to your verbal contract,” he said with a deep voice.

Qonna reached out to him to pull him down between her legs. He took her hand and pulled her up to her feet before she knew what was happening. Just as she was about to protest, he grabbed her thighs and lifted her off her feet. He brought her vussy to his bearded face and started licking.

“Great Bang,” Qonna whispered. She felt the strong alien’s tongue darting and licking her vussy with surgical precision. It as a complete change from the frenzied consumption she experienced moments before. The bearded alien licked her clitoris, her vussy lips, inside her vussy and even spared kisses for her thighs. He was methodical in licking every part of her.

Best of all, he wasn’t fucking passing out.

“Yes!” Qonna screamed. Her body shook as it climaxed on the short alien’s bearded face. His powerful hands kept her steady as she convulsed with pleasure.

Qonna drifted in a haze of endorphins as she was set on the ground. She reveled in her bliss as she felt strong hand grab her tit.

“Time for my payment,” the stout alien said.

Qonna smiled and decided to give him whatever the fuck he wanted.

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