Tuesday, February 24, 2015

February 24th 2015 Transmission

Morin AlloyHammer grabbed the human’s tit. His beard smelled of the vussy he had just eaten. The human had a post-orgasmic glaze in her eyes. Of course she did. When a Wuat put their mind to something, they did it with craftsmanship and pride in their work.

They also really just liked sex.

“I’ll do anything for you,” the human woman said.

“Of course you will,” Morin said. “That was the terms of our verbal contract.” He was in the mood for a face fucking or a straight up fuck but he understood the limitations of human bodies and Wuat hardiness. Fortunately she had a great set of breasts with good structural pliancy. He could use that.

Morin reached for his tool harness around his chest. He took out Sex Lube #4 and sprayed it onto the human’s pale breasts. The lube glistened on her mountainous tits.

“Oh, chilly!” the human said.

“Friction will warm you up,” Morin said. For a Wuat, this counted as foreplay.

It worked well enough for the woman. She grabbed her breasts in her hand and leaned towards Morin’s strut. It was firm and ready to be embraced by her warm globes. His lower stature was the perfect height for this position. She smiled at him as he groaned.

“Is this what you want?” she asked him.

“Hold that placement,” Morin groaned. His hips began to move and he fucked the woman’s tits. His thick strut moved like a piston between her breasts.

“Fuck,” the woman whispered. Her eyes widened as she saw the speed he was maintaining. He could see her also realizing how lucky she was that his thick member wasn’t slamming inside of her at the moment.

Morin reached down and placed his powerful hands over hers. He squeezed and perfected the amount of pressure her breasts were applying to his strut. His hips shifted and he corrected the angle of his thrusts. He considered adding more lube but estimated that it would be enough.

The woman had no clue about his craftsmanship. She was too entranced by his strut sliding up and down between her tits. It was a shame. If she said some compliments about his attention to friction and angles he would probably climax sooner.

As it was, he was close to coming anyway. Eating vussy always got him in the mood, almost as much as big tits. He also had a think for women bigger than Wuats which at times seem to be the whole damn universe. All in all, he as strut deep in all the thinks he liked.

“Damn, you’re a really good tit-fucker,” the woman said.

Morin grinned with pride moments before his strut erupted.

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