Wednesday, February 25, 2015

February 25th 2015 Transmission

Sarah moaned as she watched the Wuat come. His strut was barely visible between a human woman’s tits but the large amount of seed he produced was visible from across the orgy room. The woman looked surprised but she soon opened her mouth to let the geyser fall between her lips.

“That is how you do it,” Sarah said. She slow grinded on the alien strut she was sitting on. The Marfiz male beneath her moaned. He babbled something but Sarah wasn’t listening. There was a call coming in.

<Receiving Transmission>

“Hello, this is Sarah,” she thought. The implant in her head translated her thought into a tight beam transmission to a nearby asteroid belt.

“Hey,” a shy voice replied. “My name is Rhak. What are you wearing?”

Sarah didn’t mind the bluntness of his question. Most of her customers were asteroid miners who spent months if not years alone among the floating ores. Small talk was the last thing these lonely miners wanted to engage in.

“I’m wearing nothing unless you count the come on my lovely plump tits,” Sarah said. Her tits were currently seed free but she was inspired by the sight of the Wuat’s recent ejaculation. It was the main reason that she was in the orgy room; it was a constant source of inspiration for her job as a Transmission Courtesan.

“Oh fuck,” Rhak groaned. She could hear him stroking loudly. Again she wasn’t surprised. At nine hundred credits per second of transmission, miners often wanted to maximize every second.

“I wish you could fuck me right now,” Sarah said. “My vussy is so wet and it needs a hard strut like yours inside me. I would lay you down and lower my hairy vussy onto your hard strut. I would slip you inside of me as I settle my weight onto you.”

Rhak groaned louder.

The Marfiz she was sitting on grabbed her hips and squeezed. Sarah instantly added it to her narrative.

“Oh Great Bang, I can almost feel your hands grabbing my hips,” she said. “I can feel your fingers holding on tight while I grind on top of you. I am clenching down hard on your strut. Can you feel it?”

“Yes,” Rhak groaned.

 The Marfiz beneath her groaned as well. Sarah bit back a giggle.

“Fuck me,” Rhak whispered.

“Oh yes,” Sarah moaned. She reached down and grabbed the Marfiz’s green legs for support. Her pelvis grinded in a slow rotation on top of the alien’s lap. She clenched as tightly as she could as she rode the hard strut within her.

“Mmmm,” Sarah moaned.

“Yes,” Rhak gasped. She could hear him jacking his strut furiously.

“Ohhh,” Sarah groaned. She picked up the pace of the humping to help her moan louder.

“Yessss,” Rhak hissed.

“I wish you could see me,” Sarah moaned. “I want you to picture my big heavy breasts bouncing as I ride you. I want you to imagine my cheeks flushing as I fuck you as hard as I can. I get so wet helping out horny miners. Can you feel how wet I am? Can you feel how tightly my vussy is holding you? I want you to come and fill my vussy with your seed.

“Lords of Space,” Rhak shouted and he kept shouting as he climaxed.

“Every drop,” Sarah moaned as she kept riding the alien strut. “Give me every drop.”

“Yes!” Rhak kept shouting. She could hear the exhilaration in his climax. There was months of loneliness behind that orgasm and she felt pride in knowing that she helped relieve it.

“How does that feel, lover?” Sarah asked.

<Transmission Ended>

Sarah sighed. It wasn’t unusual for them to hang up right away but she did miss the pillow talk sometimes. Oh well, he was probably getting back to mining asteroids.

She kept humping the strut she was on as she waited for the next call.

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