Thursday, February 26, 2015

February 26th 2015 Transmission

Tergin watched the busty woman ride the Marfiz’s strut. Little quakes reverberated through her plump tits. She appeared to be talking to herself and even though he couldn’t hear her across the crowded orgy, he just knew that what she was saying was filthy.

He debated going to her and offering his strut. He wasn’t as hung as the Marfiz but maybe she would want something in her mouth. Shit, he would settle for a handjob if he got to watch those tits from a closer angle.

Something beeped at him. He looked down to see a floating ball down by his hips. The blue glow of an antigravity field kept it afloat. The top portion of the ball seemed to be glass and he saw something purple and squishy inside.

“Hello?” Tergin said. Was it some sort of really small craft for an even smaller creature?

The ball beeper. A small circular hole opened on the ball. It came close to the tip of his strut and stopped. The hole was aimed right at his erection.

“What, you want my strut?” Tergin said.

The ball beeped and bounced up and down.

Tergin frowned. What was this thing? He squinted at the dome top but he couldn’t make out any features on the purple organism pulsing inside. He had no idea what was asking him to stick his strut inside.

He shrugged. When at Pleasure Station Sigma, you might as well try new things.

He aimed his strut for the hole. The small ball hovered forward and took his strut inside it.

“Oh!” Tergin cried out. Something hot, slick and tight enveloped his strut. He felt clenching muscles tighten and massage the length of his erection. There might have been something like a tongue licking the tip of his strut but to be honest, it could have been anything.

The ball moved back and forth on its own, slowing fucking Tergin’s strut. It was a slow pace and he was tempted to reach down and grab the ball but who knows how the thing would react.

He looked back at the busty woman. She was leaning forward and lifting her hairy vussy up from the Marfiz’s lap. Up and down her vussy went and the face she made told Tergin how much she liked it.

A gurgling sound came from the ball. Tergin felt something slither around his strut. There was a fizzy sensation against the base of his strut.

He had idea what the fuck was going but he was throbbing hard inside the floating ball. The purple thing under the dome thrashed and Tergin felt the grip tighten on him. He wondered if he was inside the thing’s sexual orifice or maybe its mouth. Shit, maybe he really didn’t want to know.

Tergin looked back across the orgy. The busty woman had dismounted from the Marfiz and was stroking him off. She dangled her heavy breasts above the strut she jacked. The Marfiz ejaculated and splattered the woman’s tits.

“Great Bang!” Tergin cried out. He released his seed inside the ball. The thing squeezed him in pulses, milking his seed out of him.

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