Wednesday, November 12, 2014

November 12th 2014 Transmission

Adlia swallowed more of the man’s blood. His name was Reve and he was an actor in a sex play. He had a fondness for horror stories and his greatest desire was to one day get his strut sucked by his brother’s wife. Memories, dreams and fears were part of the feeding and Adlia swallowed them all.

The human in her vussy fucked her. She respected the man’s courage. Not many beings were willing to fuck a hemavore. It just proved that you truly can find anything in an orgy. Well, maybe an orgy on Pleasure Station Sigma.

It felt strange to have a strut inside her vussy without feeding on person inside her. She had no access to his thoughts. He wasn’t subdued by the connection that blood would give them. He was an outsider fucking her with nice long strokes.

Adlia kind of liked it. Without a mental link, she could focus on how burning hot his strut felt deep inside her cold vussy. Being outside of his head, she had no idea if he was afraid or her or in lust. It was a mystery in a universe that had so very few mysteries to her kind.

She took her teeth out of Reve. She licked his wound and closed it. His eyes blinked and he returned back to his body.

“Go,” she growled.

He rolled away. The man inside Adlia froze in mid thrust. Perhaps he thought she would come for him next.

“Turn me over,” she said to him.

The man pulled out and helped her onto her back. He looked down at her with fear in his eyes. His strut was shiny with her juices.

Adlia resisted the urge to entrance him. She reached between her legs and stroked her vussy. It felt almost warm from all the fucking he had given her.

“Keep fucking me,” she said.

The Security Drone hovered closer. The man looked at her plump pale tits covered with black bat tattoos. He looked afraid to get on top of her.

Adlia lifted her legs and put her feet on the man’s warm chest. She spread out her arms and lifted her pelvis into the air. Her vussy was right beside his strut and her back was a perfect forty-five degrees down to her shoulders. Her heavy breasts fell towards her neck. All of her weight shifted to the back of her shoulders and neck but she could take it. Now she just needed him to take what she offered.

He did. He grabbed her feet and slid back into her vussy. The warmth of his body invaded her cold interior once more. Her breasts shook from the force of his thrusts.

The man licked his lips and fucked faster. Adlia watched him as he overcame his fears and gave in to his needs.

He might make a good hemavore. Adlia pushed the thought away. This was a time of pleasure, not procreation.

She felt her orgasm building fast. Her body was tingly and euphoric from the blood she had drunken. She had Reve’s desires running through her mind and she savored them. The rutting of the man above her was just the final touch to an already sensual night.

Adlia climaxed. She gasped and shuddered while the man fucked her. Her fingers gripped the metal floor and dug gouges into them. Pleasure flowed through her body from her vussy.

The man climaxed. Relief swept over his face. Adlia guessed that he was happy to come before she devoured him. She saw no reason to assure him. The fear was most likely the most attractive thing about herself.

The man’s seed flowed into her and she absorbed it all. Faint thoughts drifted through her mind. Something about her long hair and something about red eyes. Seed was no substitute for blood for making a connection but it still felt nice inside her.

She might have try fucking people more often.

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