Thursday, November 13, 2014

November 13th 2014 Transmission

Reve stumbled through the orgy. He was light headed. His hand went to his neck where the hemovore had fed. A smile came to his lips as he remembered the ecstasy of her teeth. Fear had turned to a sharp pain which had turned into a dull euphoria.

Now it was over. The pale hemavore had dismissed him. He felt strange and very horny. An image of his brother’s wife sprang to mind for some reason. He wasn’t sure why and the image slid away.

A Security Drone floated nearby. It was waiting for him to collapse so it could carry him out. Reve thought about falling so he could get a free ride out of here, but he kept standing. He was too turned on to leave the orgy just yet.

A woman approached him. She was plump and pleasing. She had short brown hair and a red scarf around her neck.

“Need relief?” she asked. She rubbed the end of her scarf on one of her heavy breasts.

Reve nodded and reached for her other breast. It was warm. It was hot compared to the cold skin of the woman who drained him. A groan slipped from his lips.

“Awww,” the woman said. She gently pulled him down to the ground. Reve followed her as she leaned against a wall. She pulled his face to her breasts and he nuzzled against them. He felt the red scarf fall on his back and it was surprisingly warm as well.

This is what Reeve needed. He rubbed his face into her plump breasts. The heat from her breasts reminded him of how alive he was.

The woman stroked her bare vussy. “I saw you perform last Airday,” she said. “That was the sexiest version of ‘Sluts of Mars,’ I had ever seen.”

Reve paused in his nuzzling. That’s right, he was a sex actor. He had a performance of ‘The Ass is Right’ tomorrow. How could he have forgotten his job?”

The woman stopped stroking and used her now wet hand on his strut. He let out another groan into her tits.

“I am just glad to get a chance to show my appreciation,” the woman said. She stroked his strut a little too hard but that was fine. Reve was feeling remarkably passive.

The woman pressed his head tighter to her breasts. Reve wrapped his arms around her and clung tighter. The heat of her body was something he desperately needed right now and her body was so warm. He spooned her leaning body as she continued to stroke him.

An image flashed in his head. It was a pale woman with long wild black hair. Red lips opened and consumed him. He felt her take something more than blood and he couldn’t remember what it was.

The woman stroked him faster. Her scarf was now wrapped around his cock but he didn’t remember it being there. It felt nice though. The woman stroked him with her scarf and a wonderful friction warmed his cock.

The image of the pale woman faded and was replaced with the feeling of plump breasts against his cheeks. He clung tighter to the full body of the woman. He forgot about red lips as his focus shifted to the tight scarf around his strut.

“This is such an honor,” the woman whispered. “We’ve never pleasured an actor before.”

Reve frowned at the ‘we’ve’ but it was forgotten as he groaned. He kissed her breast. He wanted to tell her that she was saving him. She was stroking away the cold memory of the sharp teeth. Her warm tits were making him feel human again. The slick fingers around his strut were bringing him back to life.

He came, his strut releasing an arc of seed into the air. The woman laughed and kept pumping his cock with her scarf. Reve laughed with her as the orgasm swept away the lingering cold touch of the pale woman.

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