Friday, November 14, 2014

Novemeber 14th 2014 Transmission

Welma kissed the sex actor on the head. The poor guy had passed out after coming on her hand. Reve must have been exhausted. No doubt he was worn out from fucking his many groupies in the orgy.

A nearby Security Drone levitated Reve’s body. It carried him towards the Recuperation Room where they would give him medical care if he needed it and a cold splash of water if he didn’t.

“Let me,” Nidonie said in her head. She was referring to Reve’s seed all over her hand.

“Sure,” Welma said. The red symbiote wrapped round her fingers. It sucked the seed off her fingers. No one in the orgy noticed. Everyone assumed the red thing wrapped around her neck was a scarf.

“Wow, I can’t believe I just jacked off Reve Been!” Welma whispered. “I have been masturbating to him forever!”

“And you didn’t even want to talk to him,” Nidonie thought to her. “Aren’t you glad I made you offer your services?”

“Yes,” Welma thought. The end of the symbiote was done with her fingers and wrapped around her wrist. “I was nervous but you were right, he didn’t turn me down.”

“Good, now let’s work on your social skills,” Nidonie thought. “See that dark man watching that couple fuck?”

“Great Bang,” Welma swore. “That’s Prince Enaji! He is the heir to the Emerald Playlist Dynasty! What is he doing slumming in this orgy?”

“I don’t know but he has a magnificent strut,” Nidonie thought. “That is why you are going to offer to suck him.”

“Whoa!” Welma whispered. Sudden heat went down between her thighs. One of the ends of the symbiote went down to her sex and gave her a single stroke.

“I can’t do that, he’s a prince!” Welma said. “He’s not going to let me suck him.”

“Even princes and heirs need their struts sucked,” Nidonie thought.

“What would I even say?” Welman said.

“I wouldn’t say anything,” Nidonie thought. “I would just get on your knees and start sucking.”

“I can’t do that!” Welma said. “You’re the inspiration, think of something!”

“Fine,” Nidonie thought. “Approach him and point to his strut. Ask if anyone plans to eat that.”

Welma blushed. “That is so wrong.”

The symbiote stroked Welma’s sex again. A single stroke sent shivers up Welma’s spine.

“Do it,” Nidonie thought. She tightened around Welma’s neck. Welma gasped.
“Think of the story you will write later.”

Welma started walked. The symbiote loosened her grip around Wilma’s neck. One end of the symbiote retracted and nestled between Welma’s plump breasts. The other end stay wrapped around her wrists like some sort of fashion statement.

“Excuse me,” Welma said to Prince Enaji.

“Yes?” the prince said. His voice was deeper than a gas giant’s gravity well. He turned his dark eyes to her and she felt her vussy soak in an instant.

“Is anyone eating that?” Welma asked. Nidonie pulsed in approval of Welma’s edit.

Prince Enaji smiled. “No, not at the moment.”

“Now!” Nidonie thought but it was unnecessary. Welma sank to her knees in front of the prince.

The prince’s strut throbbed in front of her. She took it hand and gave it one long lick. It pulsed in her hand and she admired the girth of the man.

Welma opened her mouth and took his strut between her lips. It filled her mouth and she moaned.

The symbiote moaned in her mind. Once again they were having another adventure.