Saturday, November 15, 2014

November 15th 2014 Transmission

Prince Enaji looked down at the woman sucking his strut.  She made happy moaning sounds which vibrated against his strut.  A red scarf was wrapped around her neck and around her wrist.  An end of the scarf dangled between plump breasts.  She looked up at him adoration as his black strut vanished between her white lips.

She was good. Not as good as the mouth-sluts in his mother’s palace or the stadium provided concubines on his father’s last tour, but she was good. What she lacked in skills she made up for enthusiasm.

Most impressive thing about her was that she offered to blow him at all. Prince Enaji had come to Pleasure Station Sigma to see what perverse pleasures could inspire him for his first album. After sampling some of the more expensive treats, he came to the free orgy out of curiosity.  He had fully expected to be reverse gangbanged by groupies.

Instead, no one had the courage to approach him. His family had ruled the music charts for a thousand years and that intimidated people.  The glory of his family had grown into inspiring awe and then it grew into inspiring terror.  His family were like gods and few mortals could bear to be in their presence. Fans whispered and took pictures with their eye cameras.  Some masturbated as they looked at his nude body.  None approached him except for this woman.

The woman took more of Prince Enaji’s strut into her mouth.  She had half of his length inside her.  Her hand reached around and grabbed his ass.  He felt her fingers grip his muscular buttocks.  He felt her scarf on his ass as well and the soft fabric was pleasing.

In front of him, a couple fucked. The man was red and probably came from Mars. The woman beneath him was a blonde that looked vaguely familiar. If she was a musician, he was sure he would recognize her. She must be someone unimportant like a world leader or maybe a scientist.

He had thought about joining them earlier but he was afraid they would be too starstruck. Now that he was being sucked, he simply enjoyed the sight of their fucking. 

The woman sucking Prince Enaji stroked his balls.  A shiver ran through him and he moaned.  The woman’s eyes widened at the sound of his moan and he knew the deep subharmonics of his family’s voice was doing things to her sex.  If he moaned long enough, he would make her come from the sound of his voice alone.

The woman kept sucking.  She got two thirds of his strut into her mouth and down her throat.  Lyrics sprang to his mind and he granted her the gift of freestyle.

“Girl with the red scarf sucks me down, she’s got the prettiest eyes I have ever found. She looks at me with my strut in her lips, makes me want to fuck those curvy hips.

The woman’s eyes widened as she came.  The subharmonics stimulated her deeper than any strut could reach. She climaxed and moaned onto his strut. The scarf shook as well but the prince didn’t notice. He was too distracted by the moaning woman’s mouth on his strut.   

Prince Enaji throbbed in her mouth.  It was a simple verse but it was a start.  A few more minutes of sucking and he would come up with a few more verses. Then he would lick the woman and see what verses came to mind then. From there, he would fuck this brave woman while singing more lyrics.

He planned to get an entire song out of fucking this brave girl.  

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