Sunday, November 16, 2014

November 16th 2014 Transmission

Bajka Ballcutter, notorious space pirate and looter of a thousand ships, laid back and took the fucking from the red man. His strut was long and thick and best of all he hadn’t come yet. In fact, she had a feeling he wouldn’t come all night if she commanded.

Virile, muscular and obedient were good qualities for an orgy. Bajka debated taking him on as a cabinman. Her cabinman had disobeyed her and now orbited a moon without a spacesuit or ship.

A dark woman stood over their fucking bodies. Gold lights glowed from under a design etched into her chest. A familiar smiling face looked down at Bajka.

“Greetings, Captain Ballcutter,” said Lady Rariel of the Star Knights!

“Fuck!” the space pirate yelled. She kicked the red man off of her. Her hands went to weapons that weren’t there. The cursed orgy forbade weapons.

“You can’t arrest me here!” Bajka said. “Pleasure Station sigma is neutral ground!”

“I didn’t do anything!” the red man said. Bajka frowned at his cowardice but then realized maybe he was just smart. A Star Knight’s energy constructs could destroy this entire station if she choose.

“Relax,” Lady Rariel said. “I have no intention of breaking the Eclipse Proclamation. She sat down beside Bajka. It dawned on the space pirate that the Star Night was naked. Her heavy brown breasts were bare appeared even larger without her space armor. Lady Rariel had a sensible short haircut for her kinky black hair and her vussy was as bare as her long legs.

“What is the meaning of this, Star Knight?” Bajka hissed. The red man tried to slink away but Badjka grabbed his arm. She wasn’t done with him.

“No meaning at all,” Lady Rariel said. “I am here on vacation and I saw you. I just wanted to greet you and perhaps join you.”

Bajka’s head spun. “What? I am supposed to believe that the law abiding Star Knights vacation at a sex station?”

Lady Rariel shrugged. Her heavy breasts jiggled nicely. “Not all of them but I do. We enforce the laws but we are not pious monks.”

Something else sunk into Bajka’s thoughts. “Wait, did you say you wanted to join me?”

Lady Rariel laughed and reached for Bajka’s thigh. Her dark fingers stroked Bajka’s pale thighs. “Is that so hard to believe? You are quite attractive. And so is your partner here.”

The red man blushed, his red complexion darkening even more.

“Great Bang,” Bajka swore. Fucking a Star Knight was madness. It had to be a trick.

Or maybe it could be something Bajka could use later on the Star Knight? A erotic connection might make the Star Knight hesitate in the future.

A warmth spread through Bajka’s body. It was fueled by desire and opportunity. Both were exciting aphrodiasics.

Bajka leaned forward and kissed Lady Rariel. The Star Knight had full soft lips. Bajka’s hand went to Lady Rariel’s breast and found they were just as soft.

She broke the kiss and looked in the Star Knight’s eyes. They sparkled as brightly as her gold implants.

“This is Victor,” Bajka said as she pointed to the red man. “He was fucking me. Would you like a turn?”

Lady Rariel smiled. “That is most generous of you. I hope you will stay with us.”

“Definitely,” Bajka said, her crafty mind already plotting ways to seduce the Star Knight.

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