Monday, November 17, 2014

November 17th 2014 Transmission

Victor pushed into Lady Rariel. The dark Star Knight had a dazzling smile as he entered her. The gold implants around her chest glowed and bathed her large breasts in light.

“Excellent hip motion,” Lady Rariel moaned. Victor throbbed inside her, pleased with her praise.

“Told you,” Bajka, the space pirate said. The blonde space pirate laid beside Lady Rariel and grabbed one of the Star Knight’s breasts. “You know, I thought your tits were big but without the armor, wow, they are really big.”

“Yeah, I have to bind them before putting my armor on,” Lady Rariel said.

Victor slowly fucked Lady Rariel. This was so unreal. Star Knights protected the space lanes and battled space pirates all the time. The pleasure station was a neutral zone but he never thought he would see a Star Knight and a space pirate sharing the same cock.

He sure as fuck would have never guessed that they would be sharing his cock.

Victor felt Lady Rariel’s thighs wrap around him. Her heels locked and pulled him deeper inside her tight vussy. He watched her tits jiggle from the force of his thrusts.

“Damn,” Bajka said. Unable to resist, she leaned in and bit a breast. Her teeth clamped down around a bouncing black nipple.

“Space Buddha!” Lady Rariel cried.

A gold energy construct formed in the air. All the of the Space Knights had the ability to form these constructs and usually they created shields, battering rams or safety nets. This was the first time he had seen one in the shape of a dildo before.

The gold energy dildo dived down behind Bajka. It pressed between her thighs and Victor saw her eyes widen. She parted her legs and the gold dildo slipped into the thick bush of her vussy.

“Mmmm!” Bajka moaned, her mouth still full of Lady Rariel’s breast.

“Fuck us both, Victor,” Lady Rariel said. “I have synced the dildo to your own strut.”

Victor gave it a try. He gave Lady Rariel a quick hard fuck. The dildo slammed into Bajka with the same force and speed.

“Whoa,” he said. He began to fuck as fast as he could. His cock and the energy dildo slammed into the two women.

“Yes, yes, yes,” Lady Rariel said. Another energy construct formed, this time in the shape of a golden hand. It floated over to Bajka’s on large pale breast and gave it a squeeze.

Bajka moaned. She let Lady Rariel’s nipple slip from her mouth as she cried out. She grabbed Lady Rariel’s breast and with her hand, squeezing it as the energy construct squeezed her’s.

It was too much for Victor. “I am going to come,” he cried.

“No!” Bajka snapped.

“Don’t worry,” Lady Rariel said.

Victor felt something tingly wrap around the base of his strut. He looked down to see a golden ring clamp down around the bottom of his strut. Instantly his orgasm stopped.

“Whoa,” he groaned again.

Bajka laughed. “That is damn useful to have.”

“Oh, it has all sorts of uses,” Lady Rariel said. Two gold energy hands pinched Victor’s nipples. A hand grabbed his ass. A golden tongue licked his balls.

He fucked faster and both Lady Rariel and Bajka cried out. His strut felt like it was ready to explode but the ring prevented him from coming. The fingers pinched, the hand squeezed and the mouth kept licking.

Victor was a sextoy for a Star Knight and a space pirate. He couldn’t have been happier.

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