Tuesday, November 18, 2014

November 18th 2014 Transmission

Lady Rariel came again. Pleasure filled her entire body. The red man from Mars slammed into her vussy with an endurance she didn’t think was possible.

Bajka, the space pirate beside her, came as well. Sweat covered blonde hair was plastered to the woman’s face. The energy dildo was slamming into her with the same rhythm as the red man’s strut and for good reason; Lady Rariel had linked the two together.

“No more,” Bajka groaned.

Lady Rariel laughed. As a Star Knight, she had battled Captain Bajka Ballcutter a dozen times. How often had she wished to hear Bajka say those very words? Too bad they were neutral territory here on the space station. Now would be a great time to apprehend her.

Well, at the very least she might get to know the criminal better. The Great Book of the Star Knights taught that there was always a chance to convert the unlawful with kindness and respect.

Lady Rariel believed that orgasms helped too.

“Yes, stop,” Lady Rariel said. Victor pulled out of Lady Rariel, his red strut wet with her juices. The gold energy band was still tight around the base of his member; preventing him from ejaculating. 

“Let’s finish him together,” Lady Rariel said.

The space pirate looked exhausted. “You go ahead, I’m spent.”

“Aww,” Lady Rariel said. “Come on, let’s use our mouths.”

Bajka nodded in acceptance. Lady Rariel hid her excitement. Team building exercises were an excellent way to convert criminals!

Victor laid down on the ground, his red strut bouncing eagerly. Lady Rariel and Bajka went to either side of him. Lady Rariel held Victor’s red member while Bajka opened her mouth. The blonde pirate went down on Victor, taking half of his length into her mouth.

Lady Rariel took the rest. She leaned in and lick the base of his strut where the energy ring kept him from coming. It would be kinder to release the ring now but she wanted the time spent with Bajka.

She also had a promise to keep with the space pirate. Gold energy appeared behind Bajka. It was a simple rob but the vibrations they gave off were powerful. The gold rod landed gently on Bajka’s back.

Bajka groaned and her eyes half closed in bliss. Nothing like a back massage while giving a blowjob.

Victor popped out of Bajka’s mouth during one of her moans. Lady Rariel wrapped her dark lips around his red cock. She tasted her own juices and Bajka’s spit.

Lady Rariel sucked on Victor while Bajka went down to Victor’s balls. She took one of his balls into her mouth and licked it. Lady Rariel was proud of Bajka’s initiative. This was teamwork!

“Please,” Victor groaned. “I can’t come.”

Lady Rariel sucked harder. She felt his hand go to one of her breasts and squeeze. She also felt Bajka’s hand go to her vussy. Lady Rariel groaned as the space pirate’s fingers pushed deep inside her.

Victor moaned. Bajka sucked on his balls and fingered Lady Rariel harder. Her pale fingers slid in and out of Lady Rariel’s dark vussy.

Lady Rariel came again. Pleasure spread through her body and she moaned with Victor’s strut in her mouth.

“He’s suffered enough,” Bajka said.

Lady Rariel nodded in agreement. Mercy from a space pirate? The universe was full of wonders today!

She pulled Victor’s strut from her mouth and stroked it. Bajka stopped licking Victor’s balls and added her hand to Lady Rariel’s. A brown hand and a pale hand worked together to stroke the red strut.

“Now,” Lady Rariel said. The gold energy ring vanished from Victor’s strut.

“Fuck!” Victor yelled. He came immediately. A gush of seed flew up from his strut like a plasma burst.

Lady Rariel the Star Knight and Captain Bajka Ballcutter the space pirate laughed as they stroked him dry.

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